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Thank you, Hash. Maria Callas is one of my personal favorites. Such a beautiful voice and presence...
Kalley Mera Kalllo Mina ,.... You are very welcome!....A unique voice like no other!..The most appropriate word you have used
to describe Maria Callas....'Presence'!!❤️


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One of my favorite performances from her:


Mouse island is only a five minute boat ride from Corfu!

Mouse Island (Pontikonisi) is only a five-minute boat ride away from Corfu is amazing!! It is said have the remains of Odysseus’s ship after Poseidon turned it to stone. The beaches are stunning and there is a great view of Kanoni across the water. There is also a Byzantine chapel of Pantokrator and may have served as the inspiration for the famous painting Isle of the Dead.

Horseback riding in Corfu!

This is from a trip we took a while back!! We got to take the horses up and round the mountain. I miss vacations like these

My hiking trip in Corfu

I took a lovely hiking trip in Corfu this summer!! One of the least admired things about Greece is their hiking, you can find great trails if you do enough research, trust me! This trail is called the Corfu trail


Lake Korission is so underrated!

When people think of Greece they think of beaches but there are so many beautiful lakes, lagoons and rivers! This is a beautiful lake to visit in Corfu if you're looking for some unique nature

Share and discuss your Corfu photos, questions and experiences!

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