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Does anyone have a really good marinade for lamb? I really wanna try it out for easter but I'm a little bit intimidated not gonna lie. I want to make it in the oven with potatoes like this:

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The classic marinade is garlic, oregano, salt, pepper and a little bit of lemon. I would be pretty heavy handed with the spices, especially if its for a big piece of lamb.
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I always cook my lamb in parchment paper to keep the juices in! The slower it cooks the better the flavor is


I make a marinade with plenty of fresh lemon juice, oregano, salt, pepper, and garlic. I brush it on the meat and let it sit overnight. The day of cooking, I brush the mixture on the lamb every thirty minutes or so while it is cooking. This marinade works whether you bake, grill, or roast it on a spit.


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What I do for my leg of Lamb is cut slits and stuff it with cloves of garlic, Greek Seasoning Cavender's, fresh greek oregano , black ground pepper, I don't salt because Greek Seasoning has enough in it. Then after I rub the leg of lamb with Olive oil and herbs and fresh Lemon Juice. Let Lamb marinate until the next day. Now be sure and take the Leg out and let it sit on the counter until room temperature before roasting or putting it on the grill. Cook until the internal temperature of the leg of lamb is 145 or 165 if you prefer. Serve with Greek potatoes and greek salad.

What are your favorite Greek fruits?

I love picking fresh figs from my family's garden in Greece. They're so sweet I eat them for dessert. Show me pics of your favorites!!


How can I replicate the Greek taverna grilled pork chop at home?

One of my favorite dishes to order at the taverna is the pork chop, but I can never seem to replicate this beauty at home. Someone please help!!


What is the recipe for traditional Greek salad?

So many of my Greek friends have been telling me that Greek salad is not supposed to have lettuce in it. Is that true? Can someone give me the traditional recipe?

Is baklava Greek or Turkish?

I don't mean to be controversial here...but I'm curious about the origins of baklava. I've heard a lot of debate, does anyone know where it comes from?


Favorite Greek Easter dishes!!?

Drop your pics! What are your favorite Greek Easter dishes? Mine is kokoretsi 😍



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