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I grew up eating all the traditional Greek dishes, and then some. As an adult, I have gotten away from it. To top that off, I lost my mother's recipes and I never properly learned how to cook Greek food when I was growing up. I am thinking of visiting Greece, particularly Athens, not only to see the sites but to also reconnect with Greek cuisine.

When I am in Athens, do you have any recommendations on the best foods to try - maybe a favorite restaurant or something? I don't know where to start!
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I would personally explore the world of street food. Let's see - when are you going? Here is some street food I enjoy in Greece depending on the time of year:

** Roasted Chestnuts
** Pitakia (I like cheese - tiropitakia)
** Roasted corn
** Gyros
** Kouloura
** Souvlaki

Does anyone have anything to add? I don't remember restaurant names at all!

Where to stay before cruise leaving Piraeus?

I have a friend who is staying in Athens just a few nights then going off on a cruise leaving Piraeus. This is in the late summer sometime. I told her I would ask advice - I am at a loss because I usually spend longer in Greece and get an Air BnB - at least that is what I have been doing lately.

Anyway, where should she stay? Any advice on areas of Athens or even names of hotels?

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Athens Full of Tourists’ as Greece Extends Tourism Season !

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