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Vasilopita is a traditional New Years cake that is eaten in Greece! But what makes this cake so special isn't the flavour but the special coin that is hidden inside. Whoever wins the slice of cake with the coin gets luck for the entire year. This is such a fun tradition and is especially great for kids :) I really hope to win this year! If anyone has good recipes, I would love to make my own cake this year and hide a few coins so I can trick everyone LOL

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LOL sounds like a great prank, my nieces would go crazy

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Here's a popular Vasilopita recipe!



I love, love the flavor of Vasilopita and I look forward to it every year. I have gotten the coin before! What a fun tradition.

Greece has just raised the minimum wage

For the second time this year, Greece raised the minimum wage. Many don't even know that there is minimum wage in Greece, but there is! it is a little bit easier to bypass it because there is more corruption and less regulation in Greece than in other countries but nonetheless it's really great that the country is taking steps to raise it, in my opinion. The minimum wage is now €663 per month, which is still relatively low and difficult to live on, especially if you're in more expensive areas such as Athens.

Beautiful slideshow of Greek Christmas carolers to remember the old times

It's these types of videos that make me miss the old times in Greece! I have so many fond memories of visiting my family and carolling with my cousins. My favorite thing to do was play the triangle because it was so darn easy! I didn't even know all of the words to many of the songs but it was extremely memorable and fun nonetheless. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

What are your favorite Greek news websites?

I’ve been wanting to stay caught up with a Greek and use for sometime now, but I don’t have really good access to Greek TV through cable or through my smart TV. I usually like to watch on YouTube or on the websites directly. Can anyone recommend me a Greek news channels that posts on the internet that have really good journalism? I like to have a new perspective and keep up with what’s going on in Greece in Europe. Thanks so much everyone! Happy new year!

Celebrating Ephiphany Italian style in Venice!♥️

Sing some traditional Greek Christmas carols this holiday season!

Christmas carolling is a very popular tradition in Greece where are young kids go from door-to-door with their parents singing Christmas carols to neighbors, family, and friends. Sometimes, people will give the kids money or small gifts, or just enjoy their beautiful voices. This tradition seems to be dying down, but it is still in existence as it has been happening in Greece for many many generations. Also I assume it's not as popular during Covid. But nonetheless, people gather in their homes amongst themselves and sing to continue caring the Christmas cheer, even during these hard times.
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