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    Can you make Ek Mek with pumpkin?

    I had a pumpkin flavored ek mek once somewhere around American Thanksgiving. It was a Greek restaurant and they had it on special. Any idea how this would work? I would love to experiment with it. I know Ek Mek involves whipped cream. I found a recipe for pumpkin whipped cream. Do you think...
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    My Favorite Greek Bread Recipe

    I forget how this recipe came to me. I think a family member may have given it to me. Ingredients 4 cups of all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon of active dry yeast 1 tablespoon of sugar 1 tablespoon of salt 1 1/2 cups of lukewarm water Instructions In a large mixing bowl, whisk together flour...
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    Beaches Near Thessaloniki

    Thank you! I am most interested in finding information about Sani Beach. I didn't make it there last time I went.
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    The creamy part of Ek Mek?

    My first attempt at making my own Ek Mek Kataifi was a disaster. It was runny! How do people really make it? I had someone try to explain It to me, and I am sure I didn't remember properly. I like it fluffy and creamy! I suspect my whipped cream wasn't airy enough OR I didn't fold it in...
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    Beaches Near Thessaloniki

    Is it still beach weather in Thessaloniki? I am interested in beaches to visit in September/ Early October... Some possibilities: Sani Beach Nea Kallikratia Beach Epanomi Beach Perea Beach Potamos Beach What do you think of these? I researched online but am curious your opinions.
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    Day Trips from Thessaloniki

    What are some good day trips to do while in Thessaloniki? Some ideas to start: - I know there are some great beaches in the area - Did I see that Meteora is doable for a day trip? - Are there any day cruises to nearby islands or anything?
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    Best Rental Car Companies in Greece?

    I am trying to rent a car in Greece. I will need to put it on a ferry - this is the issue! I plan to go from the mainland to Kythira. Do you know which companies allow for this off the top of your head?
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    Self Guided Tour of Thessaloniki?

    Does anyone know of any resources that will help me give myself a "self guided" tour of Thessaloniki? I know I can look up all the main places online as I am there. However, I am more interested in finding a narration ahead of time and listening to it while I drive around and see some of the...
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    Simple method for making Greek "Toast"

    When I go to Greece I love to order "Toast" (Tost) as a snack or light lunch... When I get home, I try to make them, as well - but the method and combinations are slightly different. Here is what I do - I get some bread from the Greek store and slice it into sandwich size shapes. I think...
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    Can you take rental cars onto ferries?

    I am headed to Greece and want to visit some places I have never been, Monemvasia being one of them. I will also be in Kythira. I have to take a ferry to and from Kythira and need to somehow figure it out. I asked advice in another thread and it was very helpful. I am starting to realize I...
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    Visiting Monemvasia from Kythira?

    This is very helpful, thanks!! I will work on securing a rental car maybe in Athens?
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    What do Greeks eat for breakfast?

    Do Greeks take breakfast seriously? I heard from some friends that many Greeks do eat brunch, but that seems more like a once in a while thing. What do Greeks eat for breakfast on a regular basis? I have observed all kinds of things, from nothing to maybe a tiro pita or something bought on the...
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    What is Greek Brunch?

    What types of food are served for a Greek-style brunch? I have heard from some people that brunch has become somewhat popular in certain areas of Greece. Is this really true? If it is true what do people serve? My family never did "Greek brunch" and I barely eat breakfast, but I thought it would...
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    Visiting Monemvasia from Kythira?

    Is it easy to visit the likes of Monemvasia from Kythira? I will be starting my journey in Athens. From there, I will head to Kythira on a ferry from Piraeus. After spending some time on that island, I want to go to Monemvasia. Does this itinerary make any sense or should I make some...
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    Other Places to Visit Besides Kythira?

    Some great suggestion Vangelis, thank you!