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    Is Santorini getting too expensive?

    I remember visiting back in the day and Santorini was pretty affordable, especially if you weren't planing on shopping and eating at fancy restaurants all day. But I was looking at hotel prices and they're skyrocketing! I was a fool to think that they'd be cheaper because of the pandemic. I...
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    Where can I find a small picturesque village in Greece?

    I'm looking for a small village to visit and get a taste of true authentic Greek culture, kind of like the one in the picture below. Where can I find something untouched by tourists?
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    What is Paradise Village in Rhodes?

    What is Paradise Village in Rhodes? And what can I do there? My cousin said that I have to go once I visit Rhodes. It looks beautiful:
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    Have you been to the Byzantine Museum of Corfu?

    I love Byzantine culture!! What types of artifacts does this museum hold? And does it have anything important to the Byzantine empire? I'm looking to see some one of kind pieces
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    What are your preparations for Holy Week?

    I'm going to be taking a few days off of work to spend time with my family and hopefully attend some church services at night
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    What was Agamemnons role in the Trojan war?

    The Trojan war was the greatest war in classical mythology! But what role did Agamenon play in it? Does anyone know?
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    How can I choose lambathes for Easter?

    I buy them from my local Greek store!
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    Is the best beach in Corfu Santa Barbara beach?

    I love Santa Barbara beach!!! One of the best for sure
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    Why are there so many stray cats in Santorini?

    I've seen so many pictures of stray cats in Santorini, they're so cute! But why are there so many?
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    Did everyone in Ancient Greece wear togas?

    What is the history of the toga and did everyone wear them?
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    Where in Rhodes was the famous movie "Boy on a Dolphin" filmed?

    I love this film (and Sophia Loren) so much and I'd love to visit some of the locations where it was shot, does anyone know where on the island it was filmed?
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    What is shopping at the Athens laiki (farmers market) like?

    I've always wanted to visit an authentic Greek farmers market (this is a pic of the one I go to in Toronto, I love it!). Are there any good ones in downtown Athens? If so, where are they and do you have any tips?
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    What traditional Mykonos dishes should I try?

    Louza is soooo good. It's a piece of dried pork that is ‘fired’ under the sun in the early winter, and then seasoned with salt, pepper, and other spices.
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    What is the superstition behind the snakes at the Virgin Mary Church in Kefalonia?

    There have only been two times that the snakes haven't appeared at the church: right before World War II and before a major earthquake in Kefalonia....soooo spooky.
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    Have you been to Assos village?

    You definitely need a car to get to the village, it's quite isolated and difficult to get to!