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    Soak Raw Potatoes in Water for Greek Fries?

    I think soaking them in cold water removes some of the starch. That’s how my family does it too.
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    Greek Fish Soup is Delicious!

    Instead of just water, I would add a couple of chicken or vegetable broth cubes.
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    Baklava Recipe Variations

    I made a nice one from Canadian Living magazine. It was chocolate and dried cherries.
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    Spending a Month in Greece Next Year for Wedding

    It would be helpful to know the time of year you are visiting. That determines how crowded the islands will be.
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    Essential Greek travel tips!

    If you land at the Athens airport, hang on to your boarding pass as you will need it to enter the baggage pick up area. My husband threw his out on the plane and it was a bit of a hassle.
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    What if I don't have Greek yogurt?

    paper coffee filters work well if no cheesecloth.
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    Tips for Working with Phyllo?

    If it is sticking together in the package, I’d buy a different brand. Also, make sure they are cold but thoroughly thawed from the freezer. The trick is to keep the sheets you are waiting to use moist until you’re ready for them. Keep them covered with Saran Wrap and a damp tea towel until you...
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    What place in Greece do you regret travelling to?

    Yes it was a day trip, where we came over on the Alexander from Naxos. Boat ride was very nice and also stopped at Delos. Naxos was perfect. Stayed there ten days.
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    What place in Greece do you regret travelling to?

    I regret going to Mykonos as well. To be fair, was only there for a day and didn’t go beyond walking distance of the harbour. It was hot, crowded and expensive.
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    What is your favorite Greek food?

    Moussaka.. I could eat it every day in Greece.