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I am making a list of Archaeological museums to visit in Greece so that I can start visiting some of them. In my research, it occurred to me that many of the good ones are associated with archaeological sites. I realized I should visit those, as well. Here is a list of some top places I know I should visit. Please let me know if I missed anything:

- Delphi - is there a museum here?
- Olympia (for the site of the Olympic Games)
- Knossos Palace - and from what I understand the Heraklion Archaeological Museum houses a lot of the artifacts.
- Acropolis/ Parthenon - I have been here before, but the museum that is on site wasn't there at the time - and I figure I may as well visit again.
- Marathon - is there anything here? I know there's a lot of history
- Delos - I have seen pictures - it looks fascinating

I feel like I am missing a lot, but maybe this is a good start at least.


This is a fantastic list - I can't think of anything else except maybe visiting the ancient theater in Epidavros? I haven't done many of these things either, so I am going to save the list.


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Thank you! I am putting Epidavros on the list. Appreciate you chiming in.

Getting Trip Insurance for Greece?

Lately when I've been booking travel, I noticed that I often have the choice to get a travel insurance. For example, when I just went to book my flight.

I said yes to the insurance because the price was low enough.

I know that they actually have trip insurance policies, which I have never used.

Does anyone here actually get trip insurance when going to Greece? If so, what is your motivation?

Spending Christmas in Greece

Here are some thoughts on what to do at Christmastime in Greece - I am thinking of going this year...


There is a festival that takes place at Syntagma Square, which is transformed into a winter wonderland. It is the perfect place for people of all ages to enjoy the celebrations. From Christmas carols to food stalls to ice-skating, this Christmas market offers a wide range of activities and experiences.


The Thessaloniki Christmas Market is one of the most popular markets in Greece. The market is held at the Aristotelous Square, which is lit up with beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. You can enjoy Christmas carols, street performances, and traditional Greek delicacies here. The highlight of this market is the Christmas village, which is set up in the middle of the square.


Kalamata is a beautiful city located in the Peloponnese region of Greece. During the Christmas season, the city hosts a vibrant Christmas market that attracts locals and tourists alike. The market is held at the central square of the city, where you can enjoy various festive activities such as ice-skating, live music, and street performances.


Chania is a picturesque port city located on the island of Crete. The Chania Christmas Market is a four-day festival that is held in the city's historic center. The market is decorated with colorful lights and ornaments, and you can enjoy festive food, local wine, and traditional Greek music. You can also buy handmade crafts, gifts, and souvenirs from the market.


Nafplio is a beautiful coastal town located in the Peloponnese region of Greece. During the Christmas season, the town transforms into a winter wonderland with its festive decorations and colorful lights. The Nafplio Christmas Market takes place at the Syntagma Square, where you can enjoy traditional Greek food and drinks, festive music, and various activities such as face painting and Christmas workshops.

Traveling with a sleep machine in Greece

I have someone in my party who will be coming to Greece with me next year who has sleep apnea. They have a sleep machine. I have actually heard horror stories about how difficult it is finding the water that goes in it - I think it's distilled water.

I am problem solving to help this person out. What do I do?

Usually when I call the hotel where we are staying, they say we can go to the pharmacy nearby. But then, I call the pharmacy and they tell me they don't have it. It seems silly to have to bring our own water but it might come to that?

Art Social Presents Season 3 of "The Outstanding Artist" hosted in Spetses, Greece

Art Social Presents Season 3 of "The Outstanding Artist" hosted in Spetses, Greece

Artist Reality Show Brings Art to Life on a Greek Island

Spetses, Greece – November 16, 2023– Art Social, an online art education program, social learning, and art patronage platform, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated third season of "The Outstanding Artist," the revolutionary artist reality show that has captivated audiences worldwide. This season, set against the picturesque backdrop of Spetses, Greece, promises an unparalleled adventure in creativity, competition, and Greek culture.

Season 3 of "The Outstanding Artist" brings together 13 top female artists from across the globe to compete to win the $25,000 grand prize and title of The Outstanding Artist. These artists embark on a series of challenges designed to push them to their creative limits and explore new artistic horizons.

This season pays homage to the rich cultural tapestry of Greece, delving into its profound history, traditions, and the inspiring figure of Laskarina Bouboulina, whose legacy inspires the contestants to stand tall and persevere in their destiny. Adding to the show's depth are two of the three esteemed judges and the charismatic host, all of whom share Greek-American heritage. Their insights and connections to Greek culture add an authentic and personal touch to this season's theme.

Elli Milan, the founder of Art Social, says, "Our mission transcends the show; it's about bringing art into the mainstream. We aim to dismantle the myth of the starving artist and other negative stereotypes, proving that art is a viable, fulfilling career path. 'The Outstanding Artist' portrays these female artists as champions of beauty – the hero in the artistic journey."

"The Outstanding Artist" Season 3 is more than a competition; it celebrates art, culture, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Viewers can expect breathtaking scenery, heart-stirring art, and gripping drama as these talented artists compete under the Mediterranean sun. Now streaming on YouTube! Don't miss this extraordinary journey of art and culture. Watch episodes 1-3 now and witness artistry like never before.

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Winter Travel Tips to Greece

I think I am going to end up in Greece through Christmas to visit some people.

I am thinking I want to go skiing!

Where is it that Greeks typically go skiing. I know that there are some places to go, but I want to go where it is the most popular.

Also, are there any Christmas markets?
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