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My family and myself are planning another trip to Greece within the next month. This time it will be to explore the Peloponnese. I have mapped out for hubs to stay out where we are there for eleven days. My wife wants to do something with and for the kids while we are there, and of course, she loves to shop. I have some things planned that are MUST dos for me - but I am looking to see what others might suggest as fun activities or locations. I have been to Alexandroupolis (and the surrounding areas), Thessaloniki, and Athens - now, I want to get as much of the Peloponnese as I can.

When we fly in we plan to stay the night in Athens; then the next day head out to Corinth.

We will be in Corinth for four days.
In Corinth; I plan to get to Megara, Nemea, Mycenae, and Epidaurus.

Our next stop will be Patra for two days.
From here, the only spot I really want to go see is Delphi (I know not on the Peloponnese but not too far from Patra)

Then we will head to Kalamata for three days.
In-route to Kalamata from Patra, I plan to hit Olympia. And while in Kalamata I want to go to Sparta - maybe get Gytheio, maybe Monemvasia.

And finally, head back to Athens for our last night where we will fly out of.

What are some suggestions? Are some must sees?
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I highly recommend Monemvasia. It's fabulous and there are really great stores and restaurants. Its pretty much in the middle of nowhere and the drive is very windy, so just keep that in mind. I remember getting pretty nauseous but it was worth the trip. If you are driving down to Monemvasia from Corinth, I recommend stopping at Monastery Elonas, its a beautiful monastery in the mountains. You can also stop at Leonidio and Nafplio which are nearby towns.


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Monemvasia and Naplio a must
corfu also the best Greek island


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Definitely Nafplio and Monemvasia

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How expensive is it to travel around the Ionian islands by boat?

Chartering a boat to travel around the Greek Islands is something that I've always wanted to do but that I always assumed wasn't feasible. Has anyone done this with a big group and found that it's a little bit cheaper? Are there any packages or any tips that you recommend for going around the island that would make this a little bit cheaper?

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What place in Greece do you regret travelling to?

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