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Heres a link to the festival for anyone wondering. Happening Sep 15 - 19
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Tips for Corfu off the Beaten Track?

I'm planning a trip to Corfu and I'm looking for some insider tips on off-the-beaten-track experiences. While I'm excited about the popular spots, I'd love to explore some hidden gems that aren't swamped with tourists.

Does anyone have recommendations for:

  • Secluded beaches
  • Hidden historical sites
  • Local eateries that offer authentic Corfiot cuisine
  • Scenic hiking trails
  • Any unique cultural experiences or local festivals
Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and personal experiences!

Advice for seeing Byzantine sites in Corfu

I'm planning a trip to Corfu and, as someone deeply fascinated by Byzantine history, I'm eager to discover all the Byzantine sites and remnants the island has to offer. From what I've gathered, Corfu's heritage is rich with Byzantine influences, and I'm hoping to immerse myself in this aspect of the island's history.

Could anyone share recommendations on must-visit Byzantine sites in Corfu? Are there specific churches, museums, or ruins that stand out? I'm particularly interested in places that offer a glimpse into the everyday life and the architectural magnificence of the Byzantine period.

Additionally, if there are any tips on guided tours or resources for deepening my understanding of Byzantine history while in Corfu, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m also curious about any local guides or historians specializing in this era.

Corfu for Snorkeling?

I'm considering a trip to Corfu and am curious about the snorkeling opportunities there. Is Corfu a good place for snorkeling? Are there specific beaches or spots that are particularly great for underwater exploration? Any recommendations for guided snorkeling tours or places to rent equipment?

I’m looking for clear waters, abundant marine life, and beautiful underwater scenery. Additionally, any tips on the best times of year for snorkeling in Corfu would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Unesco World Heritage Sites of Corfu

I'm currently planning a trip to the beautiful island of Corfu and I'm keen on visiting some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are located there. Being a bit of a history buff, I believe that exploring these sites can give me a deeper understanding of the island's cultural heritage and historical significance.

Could anyone here share more information about the UNESCO site on Corfu? Is there only one? The Corfu Old Town? What should I prioritize to see in Old Town?


Video Tour of Corfu

When I am about to visit a destination, I like to watch video content.

It has been a while since I have been to Corfu. I kept trying to go, but it keeps falling through.

Ignore the several-minutes long plug for a product! That part I know was necessary because they were a sponsor.

Once you get through that the content is good!

Share and discuss your Corfu photos, questions and experiences!

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