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I have noticed in Greek cookbooks that there are different salads in Greek cuisine. I just know two salads - village salad, and the salad that involves watermelon and feta cheese. But I did find more in a cookbook, so I want to make a list. I know Greek cuisine is very seasonal, so it makes sense - I just didn't think about it:
  • Horiatiki - village salad
  • Cabbage salad
  • Watermelon feta salad
  • Tomato and onion salad
  • Americanized Greek salad with all the lettuce (I can't believe how many of my friends think this is the real Greek salad, but I thought I would put it on the list anyway...)
  • I saw in an island cookbook a fresh salad with a bunch of wild greens, and I forgot the name of it


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Salata Dakos


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Horta - I know it's cooked but I still think of it as a salad

There's a salad in Thessaloniki that involves cabbage and other vegetables, like carrots - delicious


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All great additions - can't believe I forgot about Dakos, Arugula, and Potato salad. And I agree, I think of Horta as a salad, come to think of it. I love the "village salad" best, but I do like to mix it up.

Top Greek Phrases to Know for Greece Trip

In an ideal world, I would be proficient in the Greek language ahead of my trip. Sadly, for me that takes a long time. Even though I started studying Greek and have been consistent, I am not where I want to be.

I am trying to decide on twenty of the most important phrases/ words to get comfortable with ahead of my trip, which is coming up.

Ευχαριστώ - Thank you
Παρακαλώ - Please
Ναί - Yes
όχι - No
Συγνώμη - Sorry
Το λογαριασμό παρακαλώ - The bill, please


I know these seem really basic but I am a bit gun shy when speaking other languages, and I really need to practice a lot. What else should I add to the list?

List of Greek Coffee Drinks

I heard that Greeks have different coffee drinks from what we have. Question - can you go to a cafe and also get some of the coffee drinks we are used to, like a cappuccino or espresso?

Anyway, what are the popular coffee drinks of Greece?

  • Greek coffee made in that little pot
  • Freddo
  • Frappe
Did I miss anything?

Runny Homemade Greek Yogurt

I have been making my own Greek yogurt (I have a yogurt machine), but I have been doing something wrong.

The texture is very thin - thinner than regular yogurt that you find in the store.

What am I doing wrong?

I know that I am supposed to strain it after, but even after straining it through cheesecloth, it's still very thin.

Easy Saganaki Recipe

I thought I'd share a simple method for how I make saganaki. I have had different versions of this, I honestly like other versions better, but this is the easiest for me to do!

I slice one of these cheeses thick:

Kefalotyri, Graviera, or, Kefalograviera

Then I dip it in water on each side and coat it in flour that had been seasoned with salt and pepper.

I add olive oil to a small frying pan and set the heat on medium high. When the oil is hot I add the cheese. Basically, I sear it like I would anything else and serve it hot. It's fast and easy and a crowd pleaser - I do this when I have company.

I have never doused it in Ouzo and set it on fire like they do in restaurants, I am legitimately concerned I might burn my hair or something! Should I add this step, though? I could always tie my hair back...

Greek Dishes with Almonds

I remember driving through Crete that there were a ton of almond trees. Yet, when I think of nuts that are used in Greek cooking, I automatically think of walnuts.

Do Greeks cook with a lot of almonds or does it depend on the region? What do they typically do with them? I know you can use almonds in baklava...
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