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I would love to take a day trip to Mount Athos from Thessaloniki, any tips for which company I should use? And are boat tours more full now during covid? How far in advance should I book?


I have never been, so I can't help with specifics. I did find this article, though. Maybe there is something in it that can help:


The National Theatre of Northern Greece is a great place to watch shows

Where is the laiki located in Thessaloniki?

Is there one main laiki in the city? Or any good ones that someone on this forum has been to?

Eating and drinking your way through Thessaloniki!

This video offers some great suggestions! Ill definitely be checking these places out when I plan to go this winter :)

Thessaloniki Still Struggling to Increase Hotel Stays .

The reduction in Domestic travelers is a sign of economical situation where people cannot afford to go for holidays.This season has been very tough,an old colleague from Mykonos now living in New York was there for a month in summer just gone and she said she was so sad to see many businesses closed and the difficult times were obviously felt all around. https://news.gtp.gr/2021/09/28/thessaloniki-still-struggling-to-increase-hotel-stays/

Do I have to pay to visit monasteries in Thessaloniki?

I was thinking to visit Panagia Ikosifinissa, Vlatadon and Agia Theodora. Do I have to pay to enter? If so, about how much is it per monastery?
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