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I am looking for recommendations. I am going to Thessaloniki in the spring and I want to visit a taverna or restaurant that has great Mezze!

If you've had an unforgettable meze experience in Thessaloniki, please share! I'm looking for recommendations on:
  • Your favorite spots for meze in the city
  • Must-try dishes
  • Any tips for a truly authentic meze dining experience
I appreciate any guidance you can provide to help me (and fellow food lovers) compile a list of must-visit meze destinations in Thessaloniki.
I have some recommendations for you! I haven't spent a lot of time in Thessaloniki so this is a combination of my minimal experiences plus my research from asking family and friends:

1. Ladadika District​

Ladadika is the heart and soul of Thessaloniki's dining scene. This vibrant neighborhood, with its colorful historical buildings, offers an abundance of taverns and restaurants serving authentic Greek mezze. My favorite spot here is To Elliniko. They serve a wide array of dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients. Don't miss their tzatziki, tiropitakia (cheese pie), and, of course, the classic Greek salad.

2. Waterfront​

The Thessaloniki waterfront provides not only mesmerizing views but also exquisite dining experiences. 7 Thalasses is an upscale restaurant offering the freshest seafood mezze. Their grilled octopus and shrimp saganaki are simply out of this world. Plus, dining with the backdrop of the Thermaic Gulf during sunset? Absolutely unbeatable!

3. Ano Poli​

For those willing to explore, Ano Poli (Upper Town) hides some of the city's most authentic and quaint eateries. Ouzeri Agora in particular, located near the old market square, is a personal favorite. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but their homemade recipes and local ouzo selection make it a must-visit. The meatballs, stuffed vine leaves, and spicy feta dip are essential tries.

Why So Many Starbucks in Thessaloniki?

I was in Thessaloniki this past summer and I noticed more than one Starbucks. Why are there so many?

Not only that, but I am curious if the Greek population has embraced it and if they're popular.

Lots of people were in all that I saw, but I couldn't tell if it were Greeks, tourists, students, etc...

I had thought that Greek coffee drinks were different, and I had no idea Greeks liked coffee like this!

Some tips for traveling to Thessaloniki - anything to add?

I thought I'd make a list of some things to do in Thessaloniki - I tried to find things that are interesting and fun. Anything to add?

  1. Take a guided tour of the Royal Tombs of Aigai (Vergina) to learn about ancient Macedonian history.
  2. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Pella to see artifacts from the ancient city of Pella, birthplace of Alexander the Great.
  3. Explore the ruins of Dion, an ancient Macedonian sanctuary at the foot of Mount Olympus.
  4. Explore the Archaeological Site of Vergina, a UNESCO World Heritage site with ancient Macedonian tombs and ruins.
  5. Discover modern art at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.
  6. Visit the archaeological site of Dion to see ancient ruins and artifacts from the Hellenistic and Roman periods.
  7. Explore the traditional village of Arnea for its charming architecture, cobblestone streets, and local crafts.
  8. Take a guided tour of the archaeological site of Philippi, a UNESCO World Heritage site with ruins dating back to ancient Greece and Rome.
  9. Explore the traditional village of Palaios Panteleimonas for its stone houses, narrow streets, and stunning views of Mount Olympus.
  10. Visit the Monastery of Panagia Soumela, a Greek Orthodox monastery located on the slopes of Mount Vermio.

New Year's Celebration in Thessaloniki?

Does anyone know what is going on in Thessaloniki for New Year's? There's a chance I could be in the city this year during it and I want to get a feel for what to expect. I went to Greece to visit some family over Christmas.

I heard that they light fireworks at midnight somewhere? Is this true? I'll be visiting some people, so I am assuming they know what is going on, but I want to have a general feel for it.

Some cities have a big celebration outside. I didn't know if Thessaloniki was one of those places.

Day Trips from Thessaloniki

What are some good day trips to do while in Thessaloniki? Some ideas to start:

- I know there are some great beaches in the area
- Did I see that Meteora is doable for a day trip?
- Are there any day cruises to nearby islands or anything?

Walking tours in Thessaloniki?

I'm currently planning a trip to Thessaloniki and I'm eager to explore this city's rich history and vibrant culture on foot. From what I've gathered, walking tours seem like an excellent way to immerse oneself in the local atmosphere and learn about the city's historical significance, its architecture, and of course, its culinary delights.

I'm reaching out to this community to gather recommendations on walking tours in Thessaloniki. I'm particularly interested in tours that offer a deep dive into the city's history, but I would also love to explore its culinary scene and maybe even some hidden gems that are not typically covered in conventional guidebooks.

Do you guys have recommendations? There are a lot of options. I don't know where to start.

Share and discuss your Thessaloniki photos, questions and experiences!

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