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I will have a few nights in Athens to enjoy the city. I love Greek food! I am making a list of restaurants I want to try or have been recommended to me. Anything to add or subtract?

  • Aleria Restaurant (was told this was higher end)
  • O Thanasis (Gyros and souvlaki)
  • 360 Cocktail Bar (for food and nightlife)
  • Granada
The gyro place listed I thought might be a good lunch choice, and I plan to enjoy some nightlife at least one of the nights.
Does cleanliness matter to you? If so, I wouldn't eat at Thanasis or Savvas in Monastiraki.

There are nice restaurants in Peristeri you should check out
Does cleanliness matter to you? If so, I wouldn't eat at Thanasis or Savvas in Monastiraki.

There are nice restaurants in Peristeri you should check out
Thank you for the tip - I am also going to Athens and I didn't realize those places weren't clean!
Does cleanliness matter to you? If so, I wouldn't eat at Thanasis or Savvas in Monastiraki.

There are nice restaurants in Peristeri you should check out
This is great advice thank you. Cleanliness does matter lol

Greek Mythology Sites in Athens?

I am visiting Athens and want a feel for where to go that pertains to Greek mythology.Of course, the Acropolis is on my list, but I wish to explore other places related to gods, goddesses, heroes, and their legendary tales as well.

For those of you who have ventured on similar quests or possess knowledge about Greek mythology's physical footprints in Athens, could you recommend:
  1. Must-visit sites that are deeply connected to Greek mythology.
  2. Any lesser-known locations that offer a unique insight into the myths.
  3. Tips for making the most out of these visits (best time to go, how to avoid crowds, etc.).
  4. Any resources (books, guides, websites) that could help deepen my understanding of the myths associated with these sites.
I’m extremely excited about this trip and looking forward to your recommendations and insights! Thanks!

Ancient Eleusis Archaeological Site

I have been to Athens several times, and I didn't know this place existed. Ithas caught my interest due to its rich mythology and pivotal role in ancient Greek religious life.

I understand that Eleusis was a significant center for religious practices, most notably the Eleusinian Mysteries—secret ceremonies held in honor of Demeter and Persephone. However, my knowledge barely scratches the surface, and I’m eager to learn more before my visit.

Has anyone visited it? I don't know much about it and I am trying to figure out if it is worth it. I love Ancient Greek history and mythology and this has the potential to be interesting to me on a lot of different levels.

Athens airport question...

There's a group of us going to Athens and our flights get in the same day, but at different times.

Is there an easy spot to wait for the rest of our group outside of security, like a cafe or restaurant, or even an area with chairs to sit... I have only been to this airport once, and I don't remember any details about what happens after security.

Interesting Museums I Like in Athens

Athens is rich with museums but there are a few I keep visiting when I get the chance. I always learn something new! My favorite is the museum at the Acropolis, which has a lot of information and artifacts from the area. Here's my list:
  1. The Acropolis Museum: Dominating this list is The Acropolis Museum, built to house every artifact found on the sacred rock of the Acropolis, from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. A splendid blend of modern and ancient architecture, it holds an incredible array of sculptures and artifacts, including the Caryatids and the Parthenon Frieze.
  2. The National Archaeological Museum: As the largest museum in Greece, this is a treasure trove for history enthusiasts. It boasts an extensive collection of artifacts from ancient Greece, spanning several millennia—pottery, jewelry, sculptures, and the Mask of Agamemnon.
  3. Benaki Museum: Representing various periods throughout Greek history, the Benaki Museum is a private foundation, nestled in the heart of downtown Athens. It offers a comprehensive view of Greek culture from its prehistoric times to the 20th century, with an emphasis on art and everyday objects.
  4. Museum of Cycladic Art: A unique gem in Athens, this museum is home to an exceptional collection of Cycladic art, mostly dating from the Bronze Age. These prehistoric sculptures, with their distinct minimalist aesthetics, are a fascinating window into the ancient Aegean world.
What museums do you like to visit in Athens?

Best Shopping in Athens

My wife and I are going to Greece in a few days. We both like to shop (her more than me) but we've never actually had enough time in Athens to explore the shopping.

Where should we go?

Someone told us Monastiraki is a good choice, but are there other places? We'll have a few days to poke around.
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