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What is your favorite itinerary for a 1 week family trip to Greece?

If you were to plan the perfect vacation to Greece with kids, what would you recommend? I am looking for something exciting with lots of sightseeing and activities, and of course, the beach! I like to take my sons to some museums and cultural centres because I like to keep them educated and learning even while were traveling. That's actually one of the reasons why I like to visit Greece. So many of my friends like to stay pent up in resorts but I find that its too limiting and it ends up even being a little boring. So if anyone has advice for where I can go for a week with my sons I would really appreciate it!

Mango is the best app for learning Greek!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Greek to communicate with family members or to use on your next holiday in Greece, Mango is the app you need to download! I started using it a few months back, and I really feel like it has helped me learn Greek so quickly. The app has so many great features and allows you to record your own voice so you can hear how well you are pronouncing the words so that you can work on your accent. I highly recommend it!

Make sure to book your covid tests early for traveling to Greece!

As rules are changing for every country (including Greece) I suggest that everyone book their COVID tests early because everyone is scrambling last minute to book theirs, especially during the holidays. Greece now requires a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival to Greece. This new rule has recently come into effect for many countries as well, as before only unvaccinated people needed to take a covid test. I hope everyone to stay safe and wish everyone happy holidays!

I cant get enough of Greece during the Christmas time!

Many areas of Greece are lit up during Christmas time, especially Athens! One of my favorite parts of Greece is the Christmas cheer and spirit during these times. Its so special because the Untied States is so commercialized during the Christmas time that so much of the meaning is lost, especially the spiritual aspects. The same goes for any religious holiday.

Greece has now decreased quarantine to 5 days

Just like the United States, Greece has decreased quarantine from 10 days to 5 as a result of increased knowledge about the virus. The quarantine is 5 days as long as you are asymptomatic. If you have symptoms, you should quarantine until you feel better and then wait 5 days. This means that people will spend a lot less time tied up in quarantine and it also means that they are not contagious for a long period of time as we previously thought!
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