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These are some of the best companies that I've heard of and researched online. If you have any suggestions, please comment so we can add to the list

Intrepid Premium
True Greece
Trekking Hellas
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Intrepid Premium is awesome!!


I honestly don't use tours when I go to Greece, but this looks like a great list. Some of the best "tours" I've been on have been random and locally based, or self guided. I usually find out about these by asking around when I get to my destination, or at my hotel.

Post your Greece pictures! 😍

It's almost the end of the summer so I thought why not make a special place for all of us to share our pics! I was so grateful to visit again this year...man Greece just keeps getting better and better. I would love to see your pics. I'll be uploading from my phone soon!

Who is eligible for a ferry discount

According to ferry hopper, the following groups are eligible for a discount with most ferry companies. I’m not sure what the documentation process is for verifying these statuses, so if anyone has experience please let us know! 😊
  • Toddlers (-100%)
  • Children (-50%)
  • Permanent residents of islands (holders of Unique Islander Number)
  • Students of Greek Public Universities (-50%)
  • People with disabilities (-50%)

Greek travel tips for the summer!

I don't know if you've been paying attention to the news lately, but airports are super busy and understaffed. Especially in Canada. When you're travelling to Greece this summer I highly recommend that you bring a carry-on and don't check any luggage. This will make the process so much easier. I also recommend that you check in online, and if you have TSA pre-check or nexus, use that for sure. Greece just changed the rules this year and you don't need to fill out a plf form, so you're all set on that end.

How much money do you think Greece made from tourism last year?

If you guessed 27 billion euros you would be right! This is a huge increase from 2020, where Greece only made 15.5 billion euros, which dropped because of covid. in 2019, this number was even greater at 38.2 billion. Tourism is a huge portion of the country GDP and contributes to building the economy greatly. Bravo to the people of Greece!

There is a rental crisis in Greece

The rental crisis is getting worse all over the world, and especially in Greece. Many Greek people say that they spend the majority of their salary on rent, and the buildings are not in good condition. I have seen this myself with my own friends and family in Greece. Things are getting more and more unaffordable, especially as more and more people are moving to Greece. Something definitely needs to be done about this.

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