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Many people think that the Mediterranean and Greek diet is very focussed around eating meat or lamb… but in reality Greeks don't eat meat as much as one would think. Meat is only eaten on special occasion or once/twice a week when it is available. Especially when the Greeks eat at home, they eat vegetable-based dishes or dishes with legumes (beans). Many of their dishes will be eaten with cheese, such as feta cheese, which is a great source of protein. On Christmas, it's customary to eat what is called a Christmas hog which is pork. The majority of the animal is used and none of it will go to waste. This is similar to how Greeks will eat lamb on Easter.
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This is what I have heard, too. My family has been in the US for a few generations, so we've adapted our eating and we eat a lot more meat than that. Well, they do. I don't. I eat very much like how you described, and I have learned as an adult that my natural tendency is to eat the diet of my ancestors. Fascinating.

Relaxing Greek music instrumental

This is one of the best Greek music instrumentals that I like to listen to when Im reading and working at home! Geia mas to all of the world wide Greeks community who like to have kefi and play some great tunes. Please post some great instrumentals in the comments, I love a good bouzouki solo! Cheers :)

What are your favorite Greek news websites?

I’ve been wanting to stay caught up with a Greek and use for sometime now, but I don’t have really good access to Greek TV through cable or through my smart TV. I usually like to watch on YouTube or on the websites directly. Can anyone recommend me a Greek news channels that posts on the internet that have really good journalism? I like to have a new perspective and keep up with what’s going on in Greece in Europe. Thanks so much everyone! Happy new year!

Where to shop for wedding dresses in Greece from local Greek designers!

As many of you may know, Greek weddings are a huge part of the culture in a really important way for both families to celebrate the union of love under God. Greece is also one of the best places to go clothes shopping! Especially for big items like wedding dresses because they aren't shipped from elsewhere (if you're getting them from a Greek designer that is). The quality is also super high and usually worth the price. My cousin goes to fashion school and she highly recommends Greek and Italian fashion designers! Here are a few that I have been looking at online.

Have you ever wondered what the evaluation of languages looked like?

This image is amazing....I always knew that languages came from each other but I never had it visualized. Kudos to the amazing designer who made this image! As we all know, the Greek language provided the basis for many alphabets and languages around the world. Nonetheless, Greece is unlike any language that exists today and it not based on any other languages like Romance Languages for example (Spanish, Italian, etc.). If anyone has other language resources, please feel free to share with me :)

A Greek New Years Eve Celebration!

This is what a beautiful New Years Eve celebration looks like in Greece! This show always Play some of the best Greek holiday music ever! I always have it in the background when I'm cooking and preparing for my New Year's and Christmas celebrations. I hope you enjoy it 😊

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