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Hey everyone, is there anything I should know about dressing and clothing expectations (as a woman) in Greece? Should I dress modestly or is Greece just as casual as the U.S.?
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Good question! You don't have to dress modestly in Greece (unless you're visiting churches or holy sites), especially if you're in a tourist or beach town.


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Greece is similar to the rest of Europe in terms of fashion and dress standards. The fashion is very different from Canada or the US. I'm not sure where you're from. I would say wear what you are comfortable with. Greece gets very hot, and if you're going to be visiting a lot of sites I would say wear light and breathable clothing.
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Should I get a Greek passport?

I'm Greek-Australian, and I've never considered getting a Greek passport until COVID made it easier to travel to Greece with proof of citizenship/passport. Do any other children of Greek immigrants have passports? Have you found it to be worth it?

Do many Greeks know how to speak English? My Greek is not too good lol

Hey everyone, I’ve done quite a bit of traveling in my day and I usually like to learn a few phrases in the language so that I can communicate with the locals. Do many Greeks know how to speak English? How much Greek should I learn before my trip?

Peloponnese vacation pictures!

I would love to see all of your vacation pics from Peloponnese or the mainland! So many people forget that it's just as nice as the islands. This is a beautiful hotel I stayed at in Peloponisos that used to be a monastery


What are the most useful Greek phrases while traveling?

Hey everyone, I just moved to Greece and I'm trying to learn as much Greek as possible. A lot of my friends aren't Greek though, so it's hard to keep up. I am planning on taking a few vacations to the islands in the summer...what are some phrases that I should know and use while traveling?

Travel tips to Zakynthos besides Navagio?

Does anyone have any travel advice about Zakynthos? I want to do some unique stuff besides Navaigo beach


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