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I feel like byzantine architecture and history is the essence of Greece. It's buildings like these that I absolutely love and instantly make me think of Greek culture :)


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It is so true! As a Greek American that has been to Greece many times, I find that it is so easy to take the amazing architecture in Greece for granted...


A little bit about the ancient library of Alexandria

The Library’s founders wanted it to be a repository of knowledge, so they sent agents with large sums of money to buy as many scrolls as possible about any subject and by any author. The Library throve for decades and became especially famous for its many works on literary criticism. The Library of Alexandria was destroyed in a war during the late 3rd century A.D.

Did you know that a Greek of Alexandria invented the steam engine?

What’s interesting about Hero’s invention is that he created it well before the Industrial Revolution that took place in parts of the world in the 1700’s and 1800’s. This means that the Ancient Greeks were capable of advanced mathematical, scientific, and mechanical thought, which enabled them to see the world differently. This was a huge advancement in society.


What is the relationship between Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt?

I get a bit confused about the influences and relationship between these two civilizations. How did they impact eachother?

Weird Ancient Greek superstitions

Did you know that some Ancient Greeks wouldn't eat beans because they said they contained the souls of dead people....eeek! Do you know of any other superstitions?

Check out this 101 Ancient Greek history lesson

These are some of the basics of ancient Greek history summed up in a super easy video! Cheers

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