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Im not sure if this is the best representation because im not an economist, but just something to help others get a better idea of what happened in 2008 and what Greece is recovering from. We've been through a lot as a culture and a country but we've remained so strong!



Well, I am not an economist either but it truly does look like a great overview of the situation. Thank you for sharing!


And for a great deal more detail about the troika negotiations (blackmail) that led to the closing of the banks in Greece, Yanis Varoufakis' book "Adults in the Room" is a good read.
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I Roza tis Smirnis (Roza of Smyrna) is a beautiful Greek movie set back in time

This is one of my favourite Greek movies where I got to learn about Greek history without it being a boring documentary! This movie is in present day and in history and goes over the history of Smyrna which is a very important city in the history of the Byzantine and Ottoman empire. The story follows a young woman who is made aware of the tragic past other families history as a result of the genocide in 1922 and the burning of the city of Smyrna.

Agries Melisses is a fantastic Greek tv show about the military occupation

This TV show is making waves in Greece! It is a drama about the military junta that happened in the 1960's and 70's in Greece and shows the lives of different families who are with and against the government. It is a good show to watch with family (older kids) to learn about Greek history and culture. There is a bit of politics and a bit of romance so everyone can watch and be captivated. The show airs on ANT1!

Greek Globalisation.

Is there a country in our world where you can't find a Greek living there?

What a win! Italy returns Greek Parthenon marbles

This is so exciting! Italy has just returned some fragments of marble from the Parthenon that originally belonged to Greece. This is a result of discussions that have been happening in the UK for quite some time. I am happy to see that Italy is taking quick action, hopefully the UK will use this as inspiration to take a final push and return all of the marbles that rightfully belong to Greece.
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