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I have faith that things are slowly getting better. Have hope everyone, some fires and clearing up but others are still burning. I am praying for everyone in Greece

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That's great news! That for letting those of us that are imprisoned on a convict island know about Athens and how it is going. I was so worried with all the news reports of the fires. Great to hear that it is at least clearing up in Athens.

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Why arent the old Olympic stadiums being used for anything?

This is something that I’ve wondered for a very long time but I’ve never heard an answer. How come the old Olympic stadiums in Greece aren’t being repurposed for something useful. This is a phenomen that has also happened in other countries where the Olympic Games have been held. Why did this happen in Greece though?

What time of the year is the best to visit Athens?

According to the forum, many people recommend that I don’t visit Athens during August, because many of the locals have gone on vacation and the city is pretty empty. That being said… when is the best time to visit? I am definitely interested in seeing the acropolis and the museums, but I am wondering when the best time of year is to see the city life.

Up-to-date Athens Festival Guide!

Where can I watch live bouzouki music in Athens?

What are some great spots to listen to traditional Greek music in downtown Athens? I love bouzouki especially, and would love to see some talented musicians performing it live. Have any of you been to any rebetathika or restaurants with live music that would have some performances to listen to? Thanks everyone!
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