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Hi guys!! Like i’ve said before, I want to travel to Greece with some girlfriends, and we’re looking to experience some of the best nightlife that Greece has to offer. Would you all recommend Athens or Thessaloniki for nightlife? and Why?


Neither I'd go to the islands haha

Just kidding, you can find Kefi and nightlife in both cities!! In my experience the best bars and night clubs are always the ones closest to the beach!
One thing you can always count on in Greece is the amazing night life!
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Athens for sure!! Just make sure that you don't go in August… that's when all the locals leave and the city is very empty.
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I’m from Athens, so i’m a little bit biased I must say. But don’t worry, I’ve done my fair share of partying in Thessaloniki. Both are great, but the vibe is totally different. Athens has more of an artsy and grunge crowd, because of all the university students. There’s also an upscale and touristy crowd, but that’s less fun. Thessaloniki is great, more chill and beachy because of their beach bars and clubs. Athens will give you way more of a city feel, and you won’t feel like you’re in a summer vacation spot.


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Well it depends on what you are looking for. And there are a lot to think about. If you want to be more carefree I would recommend Thessaloniki where everything is within walking distance. So no worries if you have a drink or two or three.... Thessaloniki's people are more welcoming and know how to party whenever I visit them. On the other hand Athens is a bigger city so it has sth to offer for everyone.. though you must spend a lot on taxis..

Day Trips from Thessaloniki

What are some good day trips to do while in Thessaloniki? Some ideas to start:

- I know there are some great beaches in the area
- Did I see that Meteora is doable for a day trip?
- Are there any day cruises to nearby islands or anything?

I love the White Tower in Thessaloniki...

I love cities that have beautiful landmarks. Thessaloniki wouldn't be the same without the white tower! I thought I'd share a pic of the place. Please share yours if you have them... it's really a great, iconic place with lots of history.


Heard there was a Christmas market in Thessaloniki?

I want to do something festive this year in Greece. I am going to be in Thessaloniki for a short time and I heard that there is actually a Christmas market? Is it any good?

Do any of you have any details?

I heard the market is in Aristotelous Square, but that's all I know about it. I am assuming there will be vendors and things to buy - maybe I can do some Christmas shopping here?

First Time to Thessaloniki

Whenever I go to Greece, it is always to Athens. This time, I was thinking of heading to Thessaloniki. It would be my first time!

Does anyone have an advice for those visiting the city for the first time? I don't quite know where to start. Is there a particular neighborhood I should stay in, for starters? I would like to get an AirBnB or something like that.

Self Guided Tour of Thessaloniki?

Does anyone know of any resources that will help me give myself a "self guided" tour of Thessaloniki?

I know I can look up all the main places online as I am there. However, I am more interested in finding a narration ahead of time and listening to it while I drive around and see some of the sites. Does such a thing exist?

I am in Thessaloniki for a short time with a group of people who don't like to do "tours" so I have some time to go off by myself for a few hours one of the days.
Share and discuss your Thessaloniki photos, questions and experiences!

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