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Hi guys!! Like i’ve said before, I want to travel to Greece with some girlfriends, and we’re looking to experience some of the best nightlife that Greece has to offer. Would you all recommend Athens or Thessaloniki for nightlife? and Why?


Neither I'd go to the islands haha

Just kidding, you can find Kefi and nightlife in both cities!! In my experience the best bars and night clubs are always the ones closest to the beach!
One thing you can always count on in Greece is the amazing night life!
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Athens for sure!! Just make sure that you don't go in August… that's when all the locals leave and the city is very empty.
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I’m from Athens, so i’m a little bit biased I must say. But don’t worry, I’ve done my fair share of partying in Thessaloniki. Both are great, but the vibe is totally different. Athens has more of an artsy and grunge crowd, because of all the university students. There’s also an upscale and touristy crowd, but that’s less fun. Thessaloniki is great, more chill and beachy because of their beach bars and clubs. Athens will give you way more of a city feel, and you won’t feel like you’re in a summer vacation spot.


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Well it depends on what you are looking for. And there are a lot to think about. If you want to be more carefree I would recommend Thessaloniki where everything is within walking distance. So no worries if you have a drink or two or three.... Thessaloniki's people are more welcoming and know how to party whenever I visit them. On the other hand Athens is a bigger city so it has sth to offer for everyone.. though you must spend a lot on taxis..

What do Athenians think about Thessaloniki?

Before any Athenians or Greeks get their feelings hurt in the comments, please know that this video was just for fun! Personally, I love both Athens and Thessaloniki and have had great experiences in both places. I have found that Athens is very beautiful during Christmas time, and I prefer to travel there in the off-season since it can get very hot during the summer and pretty empty during August. Thessaloniki is great during the summer because it's right by the water so you can enjoy that cool ocean breeze.

What do people like about Thessaloniki?

I love these videos so much because I get great insight into what locals actually like about different cities. In my opinion, there's so much to like about Thessaloniki. I really love how the city has so much culture, and you can see how the influence of different empires has impacted the cities architecture. Would you agree with some of what I said in the video? Or do you have a different perspective? Let me know!

Guided tour in an historic church of Thessaloniki for free!

A few (even Thessalonians...) are familiar with one of the most historic parishes of the city, the church of St Athanasius the Great (87 Egnatias str.). Guided tours are offered every Wednesday at 10:30 and 11:00 am (FOR FREE)! You can see details in the announcements hung outside the church. It's a unique opportunity to learn about Orthodox art and spirituality, as well as the history of the city, while listening to heavenly Byzantine music recordings. Although the facade may not look so attractive, the interior is stunning! You visit not only the nave, but also the north chapel, as well as the gallery. Looking for a different experience in an historic and not over-crowded landmark? That's your place!

The Arch of Galerius is one of Thessalonikis most famous landmark

Thessaloniki has two very famous landmarks: the white tower and the the arch of galerius. The history behind this arch is actually very fascinating, it was built in 305 C.E. to signify Galerius’ win from the Persian empire. The arch is now a very popular tourist site, and there is an open space around it where people walk around and enjoy the view of the water. You will definitely stumble upon it on your next trip to Thessaloniki.

You should rent a bike to tour Thessaloniki!

Many people don't think to rent a bike to see the city, but I think it's one of the best things you can do since Thessaloniki is right on the water and you will get some amazing views. Unlike different cities nearby, like Kavala, Thessaloniki doesn't have that many hills and is very easy to get around on the bike. I just recommend that you're careful of drivers, as Greek drivers can be a bit aggressive on the road. When I last visited, it was a few years back so I don't remember which bike rental company we used. So if anyone recommendations please drop them below.
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