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I am wondering if an island like Tilos is a better trip for a bachelor party. Is there enough going on in terms of night life? The reason why I am considering this option is that I feel I want the place to be somewhat isolated and relaxing. Yes, I want night life, but I also want a relaxing experience overall... Not sure if this is the right line of thinking - I only have a handful of days to do this piece of the wedding celebrations and I want to choose the location wisely.
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Tilos, as far as I can tell, doesn't have a loud, really hopping, sort of nightlife. There is stuff going on, though, but it all depends on what you want. I could be wrong, but this is a small island that I don't picture as being suitable for a bachelor party.

Jerry s

Tilos is Incredibly quiet and relaxing little Greek Island.
I think Zakynthos maybe what you are looking for . Busy with plenty nightlife at Laganas and quite in the north of the island as in Agios Nikolas.

What other places are near Delphi?

It is likely I will be spending time in Delphi this year - I want to see the site of the Oracle. Athens is my starting point and I was thinking, what else is there in the Delphi area, or within driving distance? I have seen very little of mainland Greece. Also on that trip I want to visit Marathon and Olympia - does it make sense? Delphi is a must-see for this time, but I could let the other two places go if I need to.

Which island group is your favourite?

Spending a Month in Greece Next Year for Wedding

I am spending about a month in Greece next year. I am planning to visit Tilos (a possibility for my bachelor party) and the wedding itself will be a little bit after that in Athens with my family. After that, the new wife and I wanted to stay for a couple more weeks. Where should we go? I don't mind doing something cliche, like go to Santorini, as long as it is fun and not super crowded. We like crowds and nightlife but don't want to be overwhelmed.

Do you guys have any advice on where we should go? Some family may join us for part of it ... I don't think we can stop them haha.

Help Navigating Trip to Mykonos

I can't shake that I want to go to Mykonos soon, but I am nervous because I've heard mixed things about the island. What attracts me to the island is the party scene - but a lot of what goes with the party scene turns me off. I don't know if any of you have advice on how to navigate it. I want to enjoy the parties, but I want to also be able to avoid them here and there to sightsee, relax, etc. So I want a balance. If this isn't the place for that kind of balance, I am open to suggestions.

Is this a weird itinerary?

I am going to be in Greece about a month this summer and I keep changing my mind about what I will be doing while in the country. This is my itinerary and I am trying to figure out if I can pull it off without things being stressful. Every single thing on the list exists because I have people to visit. Santorini is on the list because of a wedding... I want to try to do all of it but I am not sure about the Santorini piece of it... but since it is a wedding I think I should just make it work.

Anyway, the destinations are: Athens (I have A LOT of people to visit, I will need like two total weeks here), Corinth (one person to visit), Kythira (no one to visit, I just want to go), Santorini (the wedding).

Is this too disjointed? Appreciate your thoughts.
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