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I know that the city is more north so I'm wondering if it's colder than other places in the mainland. I'll be traveling in July...is it chilly in the nighttime, especially by the water?


It is a little bit colder, epsecialy at night! but don't forget that youre in Greece and it's hot summer weather. I would pack one sweater to bring for evenings. That's what I do
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I find that even in summer, I sometimes get a little chilly at night in Greece, but I never seem to need more than a sweater or a wrap. It is usually pretty hot!
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What is the public transportation like in Thessaloniki?

I know Athens has a fabulous subway system, but I don't know much about Thessaloniki....is it easy to get around using buses? Is there even a subway? I don't plan on renting a car but I'd love to explore some of the key spots on the outskirts of the city that are difficult to get to on foot.

Visiting the Jewish museum in Thessaloniki is a great way to learn about history and culture

The Jewish Museum honors the rich Sephardic heritage and creativity starting from the 15th century. Thessaloniki was a safe haven, in 1492 after the expulsion from Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Jewish people brought knowledge of Renaissance culture as well as Western Mediterranean languages!! So cool to learn about this history

Modiano Market is one of the best markets in Thessaloniki

This is one of the best markets in the city with many historical roots! You can really find anything here and more and more vendors are coming every year with new foods, fruits, veggies, art and practically anything! I went food shopping there and it was so fun to chat with all of the farmers and hear about where the food was from :)


Here is a list of the best monasteries to visit in Thessaloniki

Visiting monasteries is one of the best way to connect with the faith! Here are some of the best monasteries in Thessaloniki:

Saint Theodora
Saint Anastasia Farmakolytria

If you like basketball you should visit the Aris Basketball Museum in Thessaloniki

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