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I've always loved these shoes. I've been told they're called tsokara but I'm not sure what they're called in English. They're a woman's sandal made of a hard wood material and with a strip going along the top. Does anyone know where I can find this online?

They look exactly like this picture below but usually I thought they'd be cheaper


The Christmas boat is the original Christmas tree in Greece

How to dance Ikariotiko!

Thanks to this amazing person who uploaded this video! So helpful :)

Mother in laws Greek homemade air freshener recipe

My mother in law has this amazing recipe for an "air freshener" when the house needs a pick me up
All you need to do is boil these ingredients on low for a few hours. Make sure it doesn't burn though!!
-Orange peel
-Lemon peel
-Star anise

What are some Greek-American traditions

I’ve seen many posts about Greek traditions. But what are some Greek American ones? I’d love to hear your favorites!!

Best Greek music mix!

5 hours of some of the best Greek music! I play this in the background while I'm working or doing chores around the house, it's so great and really gives me kefi ahaha


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