1. seleanor

    There are no Taxis in Santorini!

    That's sad to hear! I've been avoiding renting a car this summer because the prices are so dang high! Looks like ill be hunting for taxis during my trip to Santorini :(
  2. seleanor

    Kronos and Zeus had the most ultimate battle

    I never even knew that Kronos and Zeus had a battle over the universe until now. Zeus was not always the king of gods....he actually had to beat Kronos in a battle to become the king. Zeus became the king meaning he had power over every single god and he also was able to carry out punishments...
  3. seleanor

    These are the best Ancient Greek plays to watch

    Ancient Greek plays are amazing and so full of history. You can watch these plays live in Greece, or in some cases you can see renditions in other languages in other countries. I haven't seen many different plays available online unfortunately. In my opinion the best plays are Antigone, Odepus...
  4. seleanor

    How to make homemade Greek yogurt

    This process is straight out of a Greek village! Fresh Greek yogurt is so wonderful, and tastes nothing like what you get at the grocery store. The flavor is so rich, and the texture is so creamy. If you have the time and resources, I really suggest that you try this out.
  5. seleanor

    These are the best history museums in Greece

    Greece has some of the best museums of history museums in the world! And amazing opportunities to see history up close in archaic relics like the Parthenon and Epidavros. These are the best history museums in my opinion, but please let me know your favorites! - Acropolis Museum - Heraklion...
  6. seleanor

    How to make a creamy Greek chicken pasta!

    This recipe is perfect for a big family with kids who are picky eaters! You can make this pasta in only 15 minutes, which is the best part! If im cooking it for adults, I always like to add a bit more vegetables since my kids don't really like veggies. You can always choose fresh artichokes or...
  7. seleanor

    What are your favorite flavors of Greek ice cream?

    Yes, although I prefer Italian gelato and ice cream over everything! They can't be beat!
  8. seleanor

    Where to get the best gyros in Athens

    Yes, make sure you order a souvlaki pita or gyro pita as well or else you might be ordering a plate or a stick of meat
  9. seleanor

    "Remember When" is a great Greek family tv show!

    I just discovered this very cute and family oriented Greek tv sitcom called "Remember When" or "Ta Kalitera Mas Xronia" (our best years). The show follows a family from the perspective of a young boy and shows the trials and tribulations of a Greek family in the late 60's. The show touches on...
  10. seleanor

    Do you think Helen of Troy was abducted? Or did she escape willingly with Paris?

    Many people think that Helen of Troy is a love story… but the details of the story are quite contested. She was said to be the most beautiful woman in the entire world, and the son of Zeus. Her image is depicted in so many ancient Greek illustrations and her beauty was referenced throughout many...
  11. seleanor

    Did you know that the marathon originated in ancient Greece?

    The modern day marathon as we know it originated from the battle of the marathon. There was a battle between Greece and Persia, which was won by the Greeks. This video reveals how the name actually came to be! You will all be so shocked from this piece of Ancient Greek history!
  12. seleanor

    The best place to get a covid test in Athens

    Great advice, I forgot my passport number when I went last and it was so frustrating. Some airlines require that you have your passport number on the covid test.
  13. seleanor

    Cape Sounion is a beautiful destination near Athens

    Cape Sounion is also a very popular location for weddings and baptisms! I highly recommend it for anyone who is planning their event.
  14. seleanor

    When you lose something, just make fanouropita!

    Fanouropita is a cake that is traditionally made in honor of Agios Fanourios, who represents revealing which is why people make the cake when they lose something. The cake is light and fluffy, and doesn't have a very strong flavor which is why it is paired well with fruits, ice cream or whipped...
  15. seleanor

    These are the top Greek recipes that you can make with beans

    Beans are so healthy and versatile, and there are so many Greek recipes where beans are the star of the dish! These are my top recipes, but I'm sure there are many more that I do not know of. Please add more in the the thread!! - Gigantes (baked white beans with tomato sauce) -Fava bean spread...