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One of the greatest things Greece has to offer is their wine!!! My friends and I will be travelling to Thessaloniki to check out some wineries, but we don’t really know much about making wine…just drinking it ahahha. Does anyone have tips about where to go? Or what types of wines we should try?


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My wife and I are huge wine fans! We went to Geravassiliou Winery, which is a bit out of the city (as most wineries are). The wine was delicious, and the owners were so nice! It was true Greek hospitality, i’m sure you and your friends will love it!


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One of my favorite greek wines is Retsina. From what I remember, Retsina is produced all over Greece, so i’m sure you’ll find it in Thessaloniki. It’s a white wine, and has pretty low acidity, which is why it’s a popular favorite. And it pairs super well with grilled meats, perfect for greek food!

What is the best way to experience the history of Thessaloniki?

Hi!! My friends and I are pretty into the history of Greece, andd want to see it up close and persnoal. We’re planning to go to Athens as well, but we want to see what historical stuff Thessaloniki has to offer. Any tips?

What should I do in Aristotelis square?

What are your travel tips for Aristotelis square in Thessaloniki?

What are the cultural influences of Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki seems to be culturally (and architecturally) different than some of the other places I've been to in Greece...does anyone know about the cultural influences in Thessaloniki? Was it maybe a prominent part of the Byzantine empire?

What was your favorite day trip from Thessaloniki?

What is your favorite day trip from Thessaloniki? I’m thinking of getting a time share in Greece to travel every summer, so that my kids and I can have a place to go without worrying about hotels and resorts every year. I love this spot in Thessaloniki, but I want to see what cool places I can go for day trips…any advice?

Can I go to the beach in Thessaloniki?

I know that everywhere in Greece is super close to the beach, but how are the beaches in Thessaloniki? Can I count on spending a few days at the beach while I’m there or should I save that for another spot in Greece? I really want to catch some rays when I’m there!!


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