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I am trying to rent a car in Greece. I will need to put it on a ferry - this is the issue! I plan to go from the mainland to Kythira.

Do you know which companies allow for this off the top of your head?
I think Sixt allows cars on the ferry, but I believe you have to disclose this.
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3 months ago, I rented a car (SUV Ford) at Athens airport with "Capital Rent a Car" and went to Kythira taking the car on the ferry.
The additional price to take the car on the ferry is 22€.

I paid €392 for 11 days (with 2nd driver included)

For example, the same rental with Sixt (same car category, 11 days + add driver + ferry) costs €645
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It's interesting to see the cost breakdown of those two different companies, Jolui - I wonder if it would make more sense to rent a car once getting to an island. I guess it would all depend on how long the stay on the island is. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to have more than one car rented.
In the case I mentioned I had no choice since my stay on Kythira island was a small part of a longer stay in different places in the Peloponnese.

Otherwise in an island hopping context, renting a car once on the island is the best solution because:

1/ You do not pay the ferry ticket for the car (which is expensive)

2/ You can take ferries that only carry passengers

3/ If you take the car on the ferry, on the day of your ferry trip you will pay for a full day's car rental when it will be of no use to you during the crossing

4/You must be at the port earlier to board your car

5/ You risk damaging the car while maneuvering to get in and out of the ferry.

Is Marathon a good day trip from Athens?

I've been planning an itinerary for my upcoming trip to Athens, and I've always been fascinated by the historical significance of Marathon. Considering its role in ancient history and the famous battle that took place there, it seems like a place that might be worth a visit.

However, I'm on the fence about dedicating a whole day trip to Marathon. From what I understand, it isn’t too far from Athens, but I'm trying to weigh up whether the experience is worthy compared to spending that time exploring more within the city itself.

Has anyone made the day trip to Marathon from Athens? Was it an enriching experience, and what are the can't-miss sights? Is the archeological site/museum there engaging enough for a history buff? Also, how about the logistics – is it easy to get to by public transport, or would you suggest renting a car or going with a tour?

I am just trying to decide if it's worth it, or if I should plan to stay overnight. Thanks!


Taking a culinary tour of Greece

I would like to take a tour or create my own itinerary to do nothing but visit Greece to eat all the food. I want to go to some unique and memorable destinations. For many reasons, both Ikaria and Crete are on my list. I will have maybe two weeks in Greece so I truly don't have the itinerary fleshes out. Or if anyone can recommend a tour company, that would be good too.

Some questions:

Best Time to Visit: What's the ideal time of year for such a tour, considering weather, food seasons, and avoiding peak tourist crowds?
Must-Visit Places: Besides the obvious choices like Athens and Santorini, are there any off-the-beaten-path locations that are a foodie's dream?
Local Experiences: Are there particular cooking classes, food markets, or local farms that offer a deeper dive into Greek cuisine and its preparation?
Travel Tips: Any logistical tips for traveling within Greece that might make moving from one culinary destination to another smoother?

Thanks in advance!

Travel Tips for Naxos

I'm planning a trip to the island of Naxos soon and I'm reaching out for some guidance and tips.

First off, I've heard that Naxos is a haven for foodies – any recommendations on local foods I absolutely must try or the best places to eat?

Exploring the cultural heritage of Naxos is also high on my agenda. I understand there are plenty of historical sites and ruins that abound. For those of you who've wandered the island's ancient paths, which historical spots would you say I need to see??

Also, I’d love to hear about your favorite beaches. Are there any hidden gems I should know about? Places that aren’t too crowded perhaps?


Tips for visiting monasteries in Greece

While visiting the monasteries, remember you are in a sacred place. Dress modestly, with legs and shoulders covered, to show respect for the local customs and faith. Keep your voice low to preserve the peaceful ambiance and adhere to any photography restrictions to respect the privacy of the monks.

I've had some people ask me, so I thought I'd start a post about etiquette. If you are out taking tours and you don't dress properly, be sure to look for a scarf or skirt (for the ladies) that they may provide to make you respectable enough to enter the space. It's far better, though, to dress properly in your own wardrobe!

Loud talking is a no-no. It's also a good idea to observe Orthodox customs when entering the sacred space, even if you aren't Orthodox. Non-orthodox may venerate icons, light candles, submit prayer requests, etc.

Can anyone think of anything else to add?

When does tourist season end in Greece?

I am planning my next Greek trip.

I want to go in October but the people I am traveling with - we won't be able to to go until mid-October.

I have been to Crete that late in the year and to Athens, but not anywhere else. On our schedule is to visit some of the smaller islands, like Hydra.

Do places like that shut down? My main concern is, will the tourist shops be closed? I love to browse through them and it's part of my enjoyment.
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