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I am trying to rent a car in Greece. I will need to put it on a ferry - this is the issue! I plan to go from the mainland to Kythira.

Do you know which companies allow for this off the top of your head?


I think Sixt allows cars on the ferry, but I believe you have to disclose this.
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3 months ago, I rented a car (SUV Ford) at Athens airport with "Capital Rent a Car" and went to Kythira taking the car on the ferry.
The additional price to take the car on the ferry is 22€.

I paid €392 for 11 days (with 2nd driver included)

For example, the same rental with Sixt (same car category, 11 days + add driver + ferry) costs €645
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It's interesting to see the cost breakdown of those two different companies, Jolui - I wonder if it would make more sense to rent a car once getting to an island. I guess it would all depend on how long the stay on the island is. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to have more than one car rented.


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In the case I mentioned I had no choice since my stay on Kythira island was a small part of a longer stay in different places in the Peloponnese.

Otherwise in an island hopping context, renting a car once on the island is the best solution because:

1/ You do not pay the ferry ticket for the car (which is expensive)

2/ You can take ferries that only carry passengers

3/ If you take the car on the ferry, on the day of your ferry trip you will pay for a full day's car rental when it will be of no use to you during the crossing

4/You must be at the port earlier to board your car

5/ You risk damaging the car while maneuvering to get in and out of the ferry.

UNESCO Sites Near Athens

I decided to narrow down my list to UNESCO sites in Athens to see. I will be here long enough, and I plan to prioritize the 2 or 3 I really want to see, and then see if the rest happen.

Here's my list:

- Acropolis in Athens - could probably spend a day here - seems like there's a lot to see
- Delphi - I am hoping to be able to do Delphi as a day trip?
- Meteora - is this possible on another day trip?

Did I miss anything? I know I want to do Acropolis and Delphi, not sure I will have time for anything else.

Greek Dual Citizenship/Greek Passport Assistance

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Why is Milos the Island of Love?

I have seen people refer to Milos as the island of love.

I am planning a trip and maybe going to Milos next year.

I know that it is beautiful, and you don't need to be in a relationship to enjoy it. I have never been here- I am trying to visit some places in Greece I have never been.

Any advice on what to see?

Finding last minute travel deals?

Most of the time when I go to Greece, I know well in advance.

I am thinking of going at the last minute soon, and I wonder how to look for last minute deals?

One thing I did notice is that from the United States, flights tend to go up in price as the date approaches, not down, but I may be able to find deals on hotels etc?

Tips appreciated!

Help Packing for Greece Trip

I am starting to make my pack list for Greece. I plan to get there at the end of August. What is the weather like? It's been a while since I've been and I need answers to some questions:

- Does it get cold at night?
- Should I expect some rain?
- How are the winds? Will I need a windbreaker?

Also I am curious about fashion stuff... what do the women tend to wear in Greece? I know that's vague, but I don't want to look totally like a tourist in my wardrobe.
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