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I have some friends who came back from Greece and they had a lovely time and saw a lot. Across the board, they all agreed that the best way to see a place is to book a private, local tour. They did that in places like Mykonos, Aegina, Santorini, and even the Athens area and each time they did it, they were rewarded. Some places have stores that focus on selling private tours. Others went online to find a guide... if you go this route I would research a bit before you go to Greece to see if you can find the best options. One friend even booked

I have never done this but would love to. Have any of you guys ever done this?


I have done it! Check out Tours by Locals - not everywhere in Greece has the possibility, but the times I used it, it was a phenomenal experience.

For example, in Aegina we used it and she customized what we saw based on our interests.


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Thank you! Someone told me you can also ask around at your hotel but I am not sure how reliable this is.

Visiting Milos - Some Beaches to See

I am going to Milos soon - I thought I would compile some information about beaches to see while there:

Sarakiniko Beach – This is one of the most stunning beaches on Milos, known for its white volcanic rocks that contrast with the sea. Some great photo ops here!

Tsigrado Beach – Tsigrado is a secluded Beach and can only be accessed through a narrow passage, which adds to its charm. It's untouched, fairly private and worth the extra effort to get there. Being here does feel like an escape!

Firiplaka Beach –This beach has s a long stretch of white, powdery sand lapped by crystal-clear waters. It's a great beach for families because there's more around here - like food, bathrooms, etc.

Papafragas Beach – Did you know this beach once attracted pirates? That's cool! There are some "cave like" formations here, which probably is what attracted the pilots.

Are there other beaches I should put on the list?


Need Packing Advice for Greece for December

I am going on a short trip to Athens, Greece in a few weeks ... I have no idea what I am doing. I truthfully have only ever gone to Greece in the summer!

I looked up the weather, it says low 60's Fahrenheit. I am trying to picture it. I am usually so warm in Greece!

I am thinking to pack a bunch of clothes I can layer, and then maybe a light jacket? Does that sound right?

Winter Travel Tips to Greece

I think I am going to end up in Greece through Christmas to visit some people.

I am thinking I want to go skiing!

Where is it that Greeks typically go skiing. I know that there are some places to go, but I want to go where it is the most popular.

Also, are there any Christmas markets?

Beach Weather Year Round in Greece?

Peak season is over, and I might need to go to Greece in a few weeks. I have never been at this time of year. Is it still beach weather in the Athens area?

I know it might still be beach weather in Crete, but I am not sure I will have enough time to get down there.

The weather is getting cold where I live, and getting some sun will feel fantastic, beach or not.

Does Greece Have "Autumn"?

I always wondered - is there an autumn season in Greece?

I know that someplace like Crete - maybe not since it stays hot well into October. But Maybe in the mountains?

I might visit Greece next year in early October, and I plan to stay further North in the mainlands. Just trying to figure out what to expect.
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