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I know that there's a lot of news about the donkey attractions in Greece and the mistreatment of donkeys. My friend is really into saving animals and all that, so on our trip I wanted to visit this donkey sanctuary. Have any of you been? I didn't even know this was a thing.



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Yes, I went a few years back and I was actually able to visit the owner. She's a British woman who noticed that there were so many distressed donkeys wandering around the island. I really loved visiting the sanctuary, and it was so nice that I was able to contribute to the rescue.


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I loved visiting the donkey rescue. The tourist industry can be a bit damaging to the island, and the animals who live on it. A lot of them are suffering because they're working long hours, and the handler's or the tourists mistreat them. It was a great visit, and I would definitely go again on my next trip

What do I need to know before visiting the Theotokos Monastery in Corfu?

I've never been to a monastery before...what do I need to know? Is it similar to visiting a church or a mosque?

Best things to do in Liston Square

Looking for the beaches with the bluest water in Corfu

Hey hey everyone! I’m trying to find some insta-worthy blue waters in Corfu. What are some of the top beaches you’ve been to in Corfu and where would you go again? This is the type of beach i’m looking for


Can I get around Corfu without a car?

Hey everyone, have any of you been to Corfu? How did you get around? I'm a bit apprehensive about driving in a foreign country… so I don't really want to rent a car.

What are the best museums to visit in Corfu, Greece?

Any Corfu travelers? I’m looking to visit some of the best museums in Corfu. I only have a few days to visit the island so I want to go to at least two museums. Which ones should I go to?


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