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I love seeing goats and sheep as I’m driving along!! Got this cool pic a few weeks ago while I was traveling. Cheers

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Sooo cute!!! I wonder if they are for shearing, meat, or milk

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Seeing sheep or goats in the countryside of Greece never gets old! Thanks for sharing such a cool photo! 🇬🇷

Athens vs Thessaloniki, which Greek city do you prefer?

Im biased but I have to say Athens because of the historical sites (even though its way dirtier and more crowded)!

Visit Greece App on Google play!

I think I have posted this previously but there is a new competition.... very useful and informative officially operated by GNTO..... Greece National Tourism Organisation!❤️👌

What are your favorite websites for booking tickets to Greece?

I personally like to use a few of them to see where I can get the best price. I like Kayak, because it compares a few different companies. I also use Google flights and Skyscanner. What about all of you? I can't wait to travel to Greece again :)

Taking cash to Greece

I tried to google it however I am not sure if the information has changed due to Brexit or not so Thought I'd ask here

My sister is visiting me in the UK , she will be travelling back to Greece soon. I wanted to give her cash for her and her family for Christmas however I am not sure how much cash can she actually carry or what is the limit that needs to be declared at customs.

In case it matters, she does not have Greek nationality.

Thank you

Tourism Minister: The goal is for Greece to become a 12-month destination!

This has been talked about for over 50 years now!!.....In fact it did happen back in 1972/3.... After that it is a long story of not happening....I hope this time around it really does happen.... beginning with Rhodes, Crete,and Athens.....and Haragova for Winter Ski Holidays.🎿....🇬🇷🇬🇷!

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