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Do Greeks make cheesecake? I see recipes that involve ingredients like Greek yogurt, but I am not sure these are actually Greek.

Most recipes seem to use a combination of Greek yogurt and cream cheese, maybe some cream and eggs.

Also, some of these recipes top the cheesecake with crumbled baklava pieces!

Does anyone know of a good recipe to try for this cheesecake?
Yes, Greeks make cheesecake, and they are just like cheesecake all over the rest of the world.. my mother-in-law makes them with some kind of fruit sauce on top of them. The "baklava cheesecake" is an American thing.
Yes they do. For some reason they like to eat non baked cheesecake more so than the baked one.
Yes they do. For some reason they like to eat non baked cheesecake more so than the baked one.

Fascinating! I will have to watch for this while in Greece.
I am very fascinated by the Greek no-bake cheesecake concept. I want to try to find a recipe - I will post a separate thread about it.

List of Famous Greek Chefs?

I'm looking to explore the world of Greek cuisine and would love to get a list of famous Greek chefs. Who are the top chefs in Greece known for their exceptional culinary skills and contributions to Greek gastronomy?

I'd appreciate any recommendations, whether they are well-known for traditional dishes or modern takes on Greek food.

Thanks in advance! Content can be in Greek or English too.

Typical Greek Breakfast Foods?

I'm curious to learn more about Greek cuisine, specifically breakfast foods. What are some typical breakfast items that people in Greece enjoy? I've heard a bit about yogurt and honey, but I'd love to know more about other traditional options.

Would anyone be kind enough to share their experiences or insights?

Looking forward to reading your responses and learning more. I am a Greek Canadian and I noticed while in Greece that they don't make a big deal of breakfast. Is it just a small meal eaten fast? I tend to eat bigger breakfasts.

Gluten Free Pastries in Greek Cooking?

I'm looking to make some traditional Greek pastries, but I need them to be gluten-free. Has anyone here tried this before? Specifically, I’m interested in making gluten-free versions of popular pastries like baklava, kourabiedes, or loukoumades.

Here are a few questions I have:
  1. Flour Alternatives: What gluten-free flour works best for these recipes? Almond flour, coconut flour, or a gluten-free baking mix?
  2. Texture and Taste: How do the gluten-free versions compare to the traditional ones in terms of texture and taste?
  3. Recipe Adjustments: Are there any specific adjustments or tips for adapting these recipes to be gluten-free without compromising too much on authenticity?
  4. Personal Favorites: Does anyone have a tried-and-true gluten-free Greek pastry recipe they would recommend?
I appreciate any advice or recipes you can share. This is a pretty tricky thing to navigate.

Most iconic dishes in Greek cuisine?

I love cooking Greek and I have my favorites and so does my family. We love - spanakopita, avgolemono, souvlaki, keftedes, dolmades, yemista, and I few more. I am curious, which dishes are iconic and you can't live without?

I’d love to hear your recommendations, especially for:
  • Traditional main courses
  • Must-try appetizers
  • Desserts that are quintessentially Greek
Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

Advice for making kakavia - Greek fish soup

I'm planning to make a traditional Greek fish soup called Kakavia and could really use some advice from those who've tried it before, or anyone familiar with Greek cuisine. I fish a lot in the summer and have a lot of fish to use. Deep sea fishing.

Here are a few key points I'm hoping to get help with:
  • Fish Selection: What types of fish work best for Kakavia? Are there specific kinds that bring out the best flavors?
  • Preparation Tips: Any tips on prepping the fish and other ingredients? Should I be looking out for anything specific when cleaning or cutting the fish?
  • Broth Enhancements: How can I make sure the broth is rich and flavorful? Are there any secret ingredients or techniques that can elevate the dish?
  • Serving Suggestions: What are the best sides or accompaniments to serve with Kakavia? Any traditional Greek side dishes that pair well?
I appreciate any insights you can share. Thanks!
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