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Do Greeks make cheesecake? I see recipes that involve ingredients like Greek yogurt, but I am not sure these are actually Greek.

Most recipes seem to use a combination of Greek yogurt and cream cheese, maybe some cream and eggs.

Also, some of these recipes top the cheesecake with crumbled baklava pieces!

Does anyone know of a good recipe to try for this cheesecake?


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Yes, Greeks make cheesecake, and they are just like cheesecake all over the rest of the world.. my mother-in-law makes them with some kind of fruit sauce on top of them. The "baklava cheesecake" is an American thing.


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Yes they do. For some reason they like to eat non baked cheesecake more so than the baked one.


Yes they do. For some reason they like to eat non baked cheesecake more so than the baked one.

Fascinating! I will have to watch for this while in Greece.


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I am very fascinated by the Greek no-bake cheesecake concept. I want to try to find a recipe - I will post a separate thread about it.

Do Greeks use sourdough starter?

I read in a cookbook that Greeks sometimes use a sourdough-like starter to make some of their breads.

I didn't realize this. Also, is this really true?

I do detect a bit of a "flavor" sometimes, like sourdough, when I am eating bread in Greece.

Greek foods for September / October?

What do people traditionally eat in Greece in the months of September and October? Is it still sort of a summer growing season right now? I have a friend who just got back from Greece and said the markets were packed with all veggies and fruits we traditionally think comes from the summer months. She was in Crete and saw a lot of tomatoes, summer squash, other types of squash... she thinks she may have seen some pumpkins too.

Is this normal or is Crete on a different growing season since it is further south?

How do you make your cabbage salad?

I love Greek cabbage salad. My family makes it very simply with cabbage and a ladolemono. I add feta cheese because, why not LOL.

I have had other versions with other veggies and a different seasoning - like one version I had blended cabbage with carrot and had an apple cider vinegar dressing.

How do you guys do it?

Are there pumpkins in Greek cooking?

I have some pumpkins I want to cook with... I would love to experiment with using it in a Greek dish.

I know there is a type of pita that involves pumpkin. I have a recipe somewhere, so I do plan to try that.

Is there anything else you guys can think of? There has to be more!

Favorite Greek desserts?

Do you guys have a favorite Greek dessert? Here is my list, in no particular order:

- Diples
- Revani
- Ek mek kataifi (I need to learn how to make this!)
- Kourabedies
- Milopita
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