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I'm planning a trip to the island of Rhodes and I love art. I'm on a quest to uncover the most remarkable galleries the island has to offer. The blend of ancient history and local modern talent in Rhodes fascinates me, and I want to immerse myself in its vibrant art scene.

Whether it's contemporary art, classic pieces, local crafts, or even lesser-known galleries that captivate the essence of Rhodes, I'm eager to explore it all. I believe that art has a unique way of capturing the spirit of a place, telling stories that transcend time and language barriers.

Does any of you have anything to recommend?
explore rhodes old town museums.Also visit the jewish quarter museum to see their history on rhodes
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I agree, I love the Old Town! It's a nice merging of old vs new and veery enchanting. I know you mentioned you like art, so you can find some art galleries and things like that here and there in the old town. I would also visit the Knights of Saint John site - it's a part of the history there and very unique to Rhodes. This isn't ancient history, though - for that perhaps visit Lindos?

Honeymoon in Rhodes?

I have to help someone plan a honeymoon in Rhodes. It can be a romantic place, especially if you love history.

I need some help, though, figuring some things out since I have only ever been here with my family. Where would you stay? What would you eat? What would you do?

Any advice you have would be great - I can think of plenty of things to see and do, and places to eat, but I've never thought about them from a romantic perspective.

Rhodes tips for couples

I am looking for tips about visiting Rhodes for couples. I will be traveling with my significant other and no one else, and this is a first traveling without other people. I am excited!

We're looking for recommendations to make the most of our time on this beautiful island. Specifically, we're interested in:
  • Charming Places to Stay: We'd appreciate suggestions for quaint, romantic accommodations that offer a memorable experience.
  • Must-See Attractions: What are the top sights that we should not miss while in Rhodes?
  • Romantic Dining: Any hidden gems or restaurants with a romantic ambiance that would be perfect for a couple?
  • Secluded Spots: Are there any less-traveled beaches or quiet spots for some quality time away from the crowds?
  • Local Experiences: We're keen on engaging in activities or experiences unique to Rhodes – anything that's a bit off the beaten path.
  • Travel Tips: Any general advice on navigating Rhodes as a couple – transportation, safety, or local customs we should be aware of?
Thanks so much!

Web cameras on Rhodes

There are several cameras. go to youtube.com
search for DHMOS RODOY

Nightlife in Rhodes - Faliraki

I have some friends who went to Rhodes last year and they said they observed that Faliraki has some good nightlife. Is this true?

Could anyone share some insider tips or personal experiences about the best spots to enjoy the evening?

Specifically, I’m looking for:
  • Clubs that have a great atmosphere and awesome music.
  • Bars or pubs where I can meet new people and have some good conversation.
  • Any places known for live music or unique entertainment.
I will only be there for a few days and I might only have a night to spend doing that kind of thing before I move on to another part of Greece. Trying to see a lot this time.


Worth visiting the botanical garden on Rhodes?

Is it worth visiting the botanical garden on Rhodes? I think it's called the Sacratous Garden? Or are they two different places. I've heard so much about its stunning landscapes, diverse flora, and tranquil atmosphere, making it a must-see destination for nature lovers. However, I have a couple of questions and I was hoping someone here could share their insights or experiences:
  1. Best Time to Visit: What's the best season or time of year to visit the botanical garden to see it in all its glory? Are there any specific months when the garden is particularly vibrant or hosts special flora?
  2. Must-See Highlights: For those who have been, what are some must-see highlights within the garden that you'd recommend? Any particular sections or rare plants that I shouldn't miss?
  3. Guided Tours: Are there guided tours available? If so, would you recommend taking one to enhance the visit, or is the garden easy to explore independently?
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