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Greece has some of the most beautiful lighthouses I've ever seen! I love this one in Kefalonia :) The Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi is located in the village of Argostoli which is also the capital of Kefalonia

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Argostoli is amazing! I took a sunset cruise from Argostoli port last summer and it was so nice, I really recommend it


Argostoli is amazing! I took a sunset cruise from Argostoli port last summer and it was so nice, I really recommend it

It seems like the cruise is a great way to see this landmark, especially if the cruise is at sunset. Hopefully, that kind of thing will be running this summer.

The Iakovatios library and museum in Kefalonia

This museum and library has so much history. I would love to hear personal reviews if anyone has been. It is housed in an old mansion that was owned by the Typaldi-Iakovatios family. It is one of those places that survived after the massive earthquake that hit the island. However, it did sustain some damage during it. The mansion was restored in 1984 and is now home to a vast collection of books (around 20,000) and other collectibles.

There was a recent earthquake in Kefalonia

Just so that any travelers are aware, there was an earthquake in Kefalonia last week so there might be a few aftershocks. Greece is known for earthquakes, so this is nothing new and many of the buildings are built to withstand earthquakes

Are most of the tavernas open in Argostoli?

What is the state of things in Kefalonia? Are most of the restaurants and tavernas open? Thanks everyone!!

Be an eco tourist in Kefalonia!

Eco tourism is something that always intrigued me but I didn't know it was super possible in Greece, happy that this person shared some tips in this video

Which port is best to rent a boat: Sami or Poros?

I'm thinking of renting a boat to travel around the island and the nearby waters. Which port is it best to leave from? Does it make a difference?
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