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There is this Greek egg dish with tomato that I really like. I have had it both with fried eggs and scrambled eggs. I love both versions, but don' know how to make the dish and would love to learn. Most recipes I see are for the scrambled eggs version. Does anyone know how to make it with fried eggs?

Also, do people use fresh or canned tomatoes (like diced tomatoes). Sometimes I don't have access to delicious, fresh tomatoes.
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Not sure this is it but what I grew up with is best with fresh tomatoes, I only do this seasonally which makes it all the more special, cut in half and sautéed in olive oil until completely broken down. I pick peels out with tongs and scrape with a fork. Then I add Greek oregano salt and pepper and when the liquid cooks down I create a hole and drop an egg in it trying to make more of a poached egg. Cover till egg is soft cooked and there you have it. Simple, flavorful but takes a little time. My mother was raised in the south so we used to put it over grits which soaked up all the flavors but potatoes work as well.


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Hi Paharo45,

Strapatsada or aka kagiana, is a wonderful bright dish usually made in the summer with fresh sun ripen tomatoes that are cooked down. Scramble eggs are added to it and is served with a nice piece of crust bread and a big slab of feta. I have never seen it with fried egg, but the thought of it sounds delicious. I will agree with everything Dionisia has said, and I too will try it.

Greek-Style Fish "Dressing"

I don't know what else to call this ... I bumped into a recipe for ladolemono that had olive oil, lemon, oregano, garlic, and some onion. I decided to make a ladolemono similar to this, but adjust the seasonings for fish.

I plan to make salmon this week! So instead of oregano I will be using freshly chopped dill, and I think garlic would be too strong from salmon so am going to use a small shallow and no onion either. What do you guys think? I think it sounds like it will be delicious, and I can maybe even use this for other seafood if it goes well.

Simple Greek Desserts to Try?

I am not a baker really but I love eating sweets, in small amounts, after dinner.

I am trying to find some recipes! Does anyone have a good recipe for that chocolate cracker log thing? I have heard it called "Salami" and also "mosaiko". It has crackers (or biscuit cookies really), cocoa powder, there ingredients I forget. I watched someone make it once...

Also, I do eat fruit, dried fruit, Greek yogurt with honey, etc for dessert sometimes. Any other ideas?

Greek Methods of Cooking Question...

In looking through Greek cookbooks, I have noticed that there are a lot similarities between recipes. For example, I found a Gigantes Plaki (baked gigantes beans in tomato sauce) that looked identical to a baked beans recipe that uses lima beans.

That is just one example, but there are many instances. Lentil soup recipes look very similar to white bean soup recipes. Some stuffed cabbage recipes look very similar to dolmades recipes.

Is this a common thing? It seems that I can simplify my efforts to learning about Greek cooking if I think about recipe types and understand they are all similar... what do you guys think?

Advice making a smaller pastitsio

I love pastitsio, but my recipe calls for making it in a huge pan (bigger than a 9 x 13 and I think even bigger than a lasagna pan). Sometimes, I don't want to make that much! I am trying to wrap my mind around how to reduce the portions. I know I could halve the recipe but some of the issue is that I make this dish by feel and don't always follow the recipe to a T.

I really want to make it in an 8 x 8 because this is the perfect amount for dinner with no leftover. Sometimes I don't even want leftovers and just would rather make the food from scratch.
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