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I've always wanted to visit the natural springs in the Zoodochos Pigi Cave! If any of you have been please let me know if you would go again!



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Yes it was totally worth it! I visited the Monastery as well and I loved it


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Are you able to swim in the natural springs? If so I'd also love to visit


I am not sure if you can swim here! Would be interesting to find out so hopefully someone will respond with an answer...

Best places to eat in Santorini?

I have heard horror stories about the expense of the food in Santorini.

Now, I love Santorini - it's just been a while since I've been.

I don't remember the food being pricy, and I don't remember where to go. Do you have any advice? I want to try some of the authentic Santorini foods.

Truly, it's been at least five years since I have been, if not longer.

Dealing with the crowded sunset on Oia

I tried to see the sunset on Oia - I was only there for a day. It was sooo crowded it was nuts.

I do want to give Santorini another chance but I need help finding a different sunset spot. I ended up watching the sunset by a dumpster - and it felt good enough.

I just don't know what to do - there was NO WAY I was going to be able to see it in Oia with how many people there were.

Volcanic Hot Springs in Santorini?

Does anyone know if it is possible to go in the water in the area with the volcano? I heard of some people going in the water on tour excursions but I question if that is a regular occurrence. Also, are those considered the volcanic hot springs or are the real hot springs in another area?

I plan on doing something like his when I am in Santorini, but I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing.

Oia Santorini Sunset Cruise

I found this video of a sunset cruise in Oia on Santorini and I am intrigued! I'll share the video, and I am curious if any of you have tried this. I had a terrible experience fighting for a standing spot last time I was in Oia.

Is Santorini too crowded?

I have some friends who just got back from a trip to Greece. They spent several days in Santorini and said that it was so crowded, they had a hard time enjoying it - They went to Oia. When I see photos of the island, it looks beautiful and peaceful! I have been to Greece several times, but never to Santorini, so I was thinking of going soon.

It's early in the season and it's already very busy, according to my friends. This isn't a good sign. What do you think - is Santorini too crowded? Should I not bother? I won't be going until August or so.
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