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While visiting the monasteries, remember you are in a sacred place. Dress modestly, with legs and shoulders covered, to show respect for the local customs and faith. Keep your voice low to preserve the peaceful ambiance and adhere to any photography restrictions to respect the privacy of the monks.

I've had some people ask me, so I thought I'd start a post about etiquette. If you are out taking tours and you don't dress properly, be sure to look for a scarf or skirt (for the ladies) that they may provide to make you respectable enough to enter the space. It's far better, though, to dress properly in your own wardrobe!

Loud talking is a no-no. It's also a good idea to observe Orthodox customs when entering the sacred space, even if you aren't Orthodox. Non-orthodox may venerate icons, light candles, submit prayer requests, etc.

Can anyone think of anything else to add?
I know what you mean and this is a great guide! I don't tend to wear shorts, even in the summer, but I still found that it was best practice to tie a scarf around my waste or one of the garments they often provide. One of the days I was able to enter a church wearing pants and a shirt, whereas my sister was wearing a short sundress and they made her tie the long scarf around her waist. It all depends. Sometimes there's a person standing there guiding us what wardrobe changes we need in order to enter. That part was a little stressful.

When does tourist season end in Greece?

I am planning my next Greek trip.

I want to go in October but the people I am traveling with - we won't be able to to go until mid-October.

I have been to Crete that late in the year and to Athens, but not anywhere else. On our schedule is to visit some of the smaller islands, like Hydra.

Do places like that shut down? My main concern is, will the tourist shops be closed? I love to browse through them and it's part of my enjoyment.

Itinerary for self-planned yacht trip through the Greek islands

I am working on planning a yacht trip through Greece. I live it because I am in total control of the itinerary and what goes on, unlike booking a cruise or something. There's enough of us in the group to make this a super affordable trip.

I am developing am itinerary - thought I'd run it by you:

  1. Athens to Mykonos: Begin in the historic port of Athens and make your way to the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. Dock at Agios Ioannis beach and take a stroll through Little Venice.
  2. Mykonos to Naxos: Naxos awaits, with its marble gateway to nowhere and beautiful beaches. Try the local kitron liqueur for a true taste of the island.
  3. Santorini: Sail to the iconic island of Santorini, where the sunset from Oia is second to none. Enjoy a swim in the hot springs of Palea Kameni and taste some of the best wines in Greece.
  4. Ios to Folegandros: Keep the vibes high in Ios known for its lively atmosphere, then find tranquility in Folegandros, where the untouched Mediterranean prevails.
  5. Return to Athens: Wrap up your adventure with a pitstop in Syros, the capital of the Cyclades. Its charm lies in its austere yet handsome neoclassical buildings and the stunning Aegean views.

What do you think? Anything to add or subtract? I have about 10 days.


Storage Lockers at Ferry Ports?

On my next trip to Greece, I will be using the Ferry. Because I am also going on a cruise, I will have a lot of luggage. I don't need a lot of luggage for some of the smaller trips I will be taking via ferry after it. I am pretty sure I am going to be in Greece for several months.

In trying to figure out how to pack, I realized that it would be helpful if there were storage lockers at the ferries. Are there? I tried looking online and couldn't figure it out.

Possible Island Day Trips from Piraeus?

I am going to spend about a week in the Piraeus area accompanying someone on business. I want to amuse myself and thought I would do a couple of island day trips. What do you think, are these possibilities truly doable?

1. Aegina – Aegina is the closest island to Piraeus, making it the most popular and an easy day trip destination. Step back in time and explore the ancient temple of Aphaia, wander around the charming port, and sample delicious pistachios, common on the island.

2. Hydra – This island seems so interesting to me. With its strict preservation laws that prohibit cars and motorbikes, the island is an idyllic haven of serenity and peacefulness.

3. Poros – The island of Poros, separated from the Peloponnese only by a narrow strait, is a popular destination for both tourists and Athenians. Its relaxed atmosphere, dense pine forests, and picturesque town are the main draws. Walk up to the beautiful Lemonodasos (Lemon Forest), go for a swim in one of Poros’s secluded bays, and drop into any of the waterside tavernas for fresh seafood and a traditional Greek coffee.

4. Spetses – Spetses may not be as well known as its Saronic neighbors, but that does not mean it lacks charm. It is a beautiful island with crystal clear waters and stunning beaches. I was thinking of renting a bike and cycle to the lighthouse for the magnificent sunset views or stop by the old port and take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride.

5. Mykonos – The cosmopolitan island of Mykonos is the furthest away from Piraeus but definitely worth the longer ferry ride for a day trip. This one seems a stretch but I am willing to entertain it...

Taking a culinary tour of Greece

I would like to take a tour or create my own itinerary to do nothing but visit Greece to eat all the food. I want to go to some unique and memorable destinations. For many reasons, both Ikaria and Crete are on my list. I will have maybe two weeks in Greece so I truly don't have the itinerary fleshes out. Or if anyone can recommend a tour company, that would be good too.

Some questions:

Best Time to Visit: What's the ideal time of year for such a tour, considering weather, food seasons, and avoiding peak tourist crowds?
Must-Visit Places: Besides the obvious choices like Athens and Santorini, are there any off-the-beaten-path locations that are a foodie's dream?
Local Experiences: Are there particular cooking classes, food markets, or local farms that offer a deeper dive into Greek cuisine and its preparation?
Travel Tips: Any logistical tips for traveling within Greece that might make moving from one culinary destination to another smoother?

Thanks in advance!
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