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While we are in Greece this year, we will be visiting some people that live on Crete.

They are very generous to us, and very nice people.

Basically we are there for a cruise stop this year, and they will be picking us up for dinner at their house.

We want to give them a gift. Any ideas? Is it appropriate to give a gift?
This is a great question. I would love to hear from Greek people themselves what they most like to receive!

It’s definitely appropriate to bring a gift, especially if you’re having dinner at their home. I try to bring gifts (in general) that are unique to my home, but with the availability of goods worldwide, that’s getting harder to do, so I just try to pick out something that I hope they’ll like. For a dinner, you could bring a nice bottle of wine or some sweets. Maybe your cruise ship could arrange something, or you could pick up something at your previous stopover. Being invited to a dinner is such an honor and fun!
Greek custom is that you never go to someone's place empty-handed (it's viewed as rude unless you're a tourist).

Usually you just take a cake or some other kind of sweets to someone... Something from your country would be preferable over something from Greece.. several different chocolates or anything you've learned about your friends that you think they might like.

If you're in the USA andIf they have kids, get them marshmallows or the stuff to make stores. Greek marshmallows taste completely different than American marshmallows, and they will go crazy over them.
My gut is to try to bring something even if you have to grab a bottle of wine from the ship or something... I certainly wouldn't go empty handed. Or, you can bring them a small gift from home - I don't know what honestly I think wine is a really good choice.

Greek Wedding Traditions in Greece

I am helping someone plan a traditional Greek wedding. I'm not entirely sure where to start and would appreciate any advice or insights from those who have experience with Greek weddings.

What are some must-have traditions or customs that I should consider? I’ve heard about the Stefana (wedding crowns) and the Koufeta (sugar-coated almonds), but I’d love to know more about their significance and any other meaningful rituals. How do these traditions typically unfold during the ceremony and reception?

Additionally, any tips on how to blend these Greek elements with a more modern wedding style would be incredibly helpful. I want to create a beautiful fusion that respects tradition while still feeling contemporary.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

What is kefi exactly?

I have always found the concept of kefi to be intriguing, and I would like to learn more about it from those familiar or even vaguely aware of this notion. From what little I understand, kefi seems to embody a unique blend of joy, spirit, and passion, deeply ingrained in Greek culture. It's more than just a word; it's a lifestyle, a form of expression, an unbridled enthusiasm for life.

However, I'm curious to know about the deeper nuances and applications of kefi. How does kefi manifest in day-to-day life, not just in Greece, but wherever one might find joy and enthusiasm? Is it something that can be consciously cultivated, or does it spontaneously bloom in moments of happiness and high spirits? It seems like it really permeates the culture, especially in Greece.

How to choose godparents?

I'm currently planning a baptism for a child in the Greek Orthodox Church and finding myself at a bit of a crossroads. One of the most significant decisions we're facing is choosing the right godparents. I understand that in our tradition, the role of a godparent is not only a great honor but also carries profound spiritual and moral responsibilities. They are to guide the child in the Orthodox faith, ensuring they grow in the church and its teachings.

How do you choose? I have a few candidates and am trying to narrow it down.

Summer Festivals in Greece?

With the warm weather approaching, I've been eager to explore more light and refreshing dishes. I'm particularly interested in Greek cuisine, which I know has a lot of great options perfect for sunny days.

Could anyone share their favorite Greek dishes to enjoy when the weather is warm? I'm looking for suggestions that are both delicious and easy to prepare. Any recipes or tips on where to find authentic ingredients would be greatly appreciated too!

Appropriate clothing for Holy Week services?

I was going to wear a floral dress to the service on Good Friday - I pretty much always do - and someone made a comment that they didn't think it's appropriate because it is a service of mourning.

You know, I guess that makes sense - but I haven't that much of it. What are your thoughts on it? I ended up choosing an outfit that looked a little more somber.

I am curious about the best things to wear through Holy Week! I am assuming the really spring-like colors are best on Pascha?
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