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Has anyone visited the olive museum in Corfu? A buddy of mine told me about it...I had no idea olives were such a big deal LOL. Here's a pic he took of a some super lush olive tree branches he took. I'm adding it to my list, anyone else?

olive tree.jpg


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What do I need to know before visiting the Theotokos Monastery in Corfu?

I've never been to a monastery before...what do I need to know? Is it similar to visiting a church or a mosque?

What are the best museums to visit in Corfu, Greece?

Any Corfu travelers? I’m looking to visit some of the best museums in Corfu. I only have a few days to visit the island so I want to go to at least two museums. Which ones should I go to?

Can I get around Corfu without a car?

Hey everyone, have any of you been to Corfu? How did you get around? I'm a bit apprehensive about driving in a foreign country… so I don't really want to rent a car.

Have you rescued the donkeys in Corfu?

I know that there's a lot of news about the donkey attractions in Greece and the mistreatment of donkeys. My friend is really into saving animals and all that, so on our trip I wanted to visit this donkey sanctuary. Have any of you been? I didn't even know this was a thing.


What is the culture of Corfu like?

Hey guys, I'm thinking of traveling to Corfu for my next vacation, but I don't know too much about the island. Before traveling I really like to learn about the places that I'm visiting so I have some cultural context. What is a culture like? How does Corfu differ from the other Greek Islands? Can anyone give me some insight?


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