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I've been to Santorini before (here's a beautiful picture from my trip), and I loved it but I'm curious as to what the traditional culture of the island is like. Does anyone know?

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I remember that music was always present when dining out. Nearly everywhere I went, they had a local musician sitting at one of the tables, playing traditional music. In terms of food, I would be sure to try some of the specialty tomato dishes while on the island, like the tomato croquettes (domatakeftedes). It's also a great island for wine. The terroir is unique, so you might enjoy going on a tasting tour, or even just trying some of the local selections when you're dining out.



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Yes! Santorini is a magical place, unlike any other in Greece that I have seen.

A few years ago we were in Santorini for the Panagia August 15 celebration, here is a look at a local celebration (it was just amazing!):

The traditional culture of santorini is similar to that of all the cycladic islands. Family is key around here.Most businesses are family centered. The two most traditional occupations of the island are fishing and agriculture which has as a result some of the tastest dishes you will ever try. Music is also very important with tsampouna and violin being the most common instruments used.
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Tips for going to the White Beach (no bathrooms or food!!)?

hey everyone, my friends and I would really love to visit the white beach. one of my coworkers said it was the best beach was ever been to. But there's no bathrooms or food… any advice on what to bring? I am used to beaches in Miami that are pretty much full service.

How to get from Athens to Santorini?

What is the best way to travel from Athens to Santorini? Boat? Plane? Or something in between?

Has anyone been to the Santorini cultural village?

Hey guys, I heard that they opened up the Santorini cultural village a few years back, have any of you been? If so what was it like? Was it worth it?

Santorini advice anyone? Should we hit the beaches or the town?

Hey, does anyone have any advice about what to do in Santorini? My wife is more of a beach type of girl, but I really like hitting the town and getting to know the locals (and seeing the architecture like in this pic). What do you all recommend for Santorini?


Why are houses in Santorini white and blue?

I have always loved the architecture in Santorini, but I never knew exactly why the houses are white and blue, and why they aren't like that on other islands or the mainland. Does anyone know?



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