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I have seen people refer to Milos as the island of love.

I am planning a trip and maybe going to Milos next year.

I know that it is beautiful, and you don't need to be in a relationship to enjoy it. I have never been here- I am trying to visit some places in Greece I have never been.

Any advice on what to see?


I’ve just returned from Milos and its natural beauty is undeniable. To best see it, I would highly recommend spending at least two days on the water. I took the Polco catamaran tour which highlighted the southwestern part of the island; Kleftiko and its caves. I also took the Perseus Tour past Kimolos to the uninhabited island of Poliegos. This trip included a swim in the Blue Bay and a beach picnic on Lighthouse Bay, complete with feeding the wild goats and having the opportunity for more great swimming. You can rent a car to explore the island for the other days; mainly to see the island’s many beaches, Sarakiniko, and the villages of Firopotamos, Mandrakia (Be sure to secure a table at Medusa; it’s worth the wait!) and Klima, with their charming syrmata houses. Personally except for the archeological museum, I was a bit disappointed with Plaka, but maybe I should have gone at sunset. Adamas provided a good base; Pollonia seemed more touristy. I stayed at Iliana Olive Branch (just outside Adamas) and it was AMAZING - totally serene and located in an excellent family-operated boutique hotel and olive grove away from the crowds. The fact that it doesn’t have a pool isn’t important; one has the beach.

One word of caution…..the high wind in Milos can sometimes create a problem with boat trips being cancelled and more importantly, one’s ability to get on or off the island if flights and/or ferries are cancelled. I scheduled the two boat trips for our first two days to allow for re-scheduling if necessary. We had perfect weather for these two days, but unfortunately our morning departure flight was cancelled and we had to wait in Adamas all day with our luggage to catch a ferry back to Athens…..so just factor in enough days when you’re planning your itinerary.

Spending a Few Days on Aegina

I am helping a friend plan her trip to Aegina. I have been, but I forget the details and wonder if any of you can help.

There are some religious sites to see, such as the relics of Saint Nektarios, and I need help figuring out where on the island to go. Which Ferry port is best? What's the name of the church or monastery? Can I do this as a day trip from Athens?

Thanks in advance!

Help Packing for Greece Trip

I am starting to make my pack list for Greece. I plan to get there at the end of August. What is the weather like? It's been a while since I've been and I need answers to some questions:

- Does it get cold at night?
- Should I expect some rain?
- How are the winds? Will I need a windbreaker?

Also I am curious about fashion stuff... what do the women tend to wear in Greece? I know that's vague, but I don't want to look totally like a tourist in my wardrobe.

Good Spas in Greece

Is it common to find spas while in Greece? I have bumped into some information about them, but I don't hear a lot about people who visit them.

I will likely be in Greece for a while - several weeks - and I am thinking I might need a down day or two.

I will be visiting Athens, Aegina, and Santorini on this trip.

Is Free Camping allowed in Greece? Read this before you go!

Visiting Churches in Greece

I can't remember if there is a dress code for visiting churches in Greece. I know in monasteries they tend to be stricter, but many have skirts or scarves you can borrow at the door.

If I wanted to attend a church service or simply visit a church or monastery, how is it that I would need to dress? Is it okay for women to wear pants?
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