1. redsoxdw_

    Welcome to Pefkos, Rhodes

    Thanks! I'll check it out when I'm there
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    A beautiful Cretan wedding

    Cretan wedding traditions are probably the most elaborate out of all the regions in Greece. It's one of the only cultures that still holds onto their wedding traditions so strongly. I personally can't wait to go to a Cretan wedding and experience all of this in person. If you are from Crete...
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    Are there any good Greek podcasts to listen to?

    I've been trying to pick up on more and more Greek and I think that listening to podcasts would really help. I listen to podcasts every day on my way to work, and I would love to start listening to some Greek ones as well. I've been learning a bit of Greek here and there since I am planning on...
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    Have you ever been to the Castle of Assos in Kefalonia?

    The Castle of Assos is an old Venetian fortress that has been left over from the Italian occupation of the island. Today, it is a beautiful pile of ruins that tourists can visit and learn about the history of Greece. You can hire a guy to take you around the different parts and explain the...
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    What is the best Greek food to order for catering?

    I'm having quite a few people over for my daughter's graduation and I would love to order some catering from a Greek restaurant. Greek food is her favourite and I think it really goes well with a crowd since so many people seem to like it. What would you recommend to order for catering from a...
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    Aion is the Greek god of time

    There are many Greek mythological gods that represent some of the most important concepts in humanity, most importantly: time. Aion is the Greek god of time in addition to Chronos. Most of them share this responsibility, but Chronos came first in the timeline of the Greek gods. He is a symbol of...
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    Has anyone taken a cruise to Santorini?

    I've always considered whether it's a good idea to take a cruise around the islands, or just visit them myself. Has anyone taken a cruise around Santorini and the neighbouring islands? I don't know the pros and cons and whether it's a good value. I'm looking for someone with personal experience...
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    Welcome to Pefkos, Rhodes

    Pefkos is an absolutely amazing destination to go to on the island! It has a great beach and wonderful restaurants and coffee shops in the area. The beach is not overcrowded and I personally think its a great place to go with family and kids. There aren't too many organized activities on the...
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    What is the cheapest island in Greece?

    I recommend Paros! Much cheaper than Mykonos and Santorini and a quieter alternative
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    My big, fat, Greek Easter!

    Oh Easter, what a lovely time
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    Did you know how Alexandros Zaimis was?

    Thanks for sharing!!
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    How to use a koboloi

    Remember that koboloi you were gifted but never got around to using? That's probably because you don't actually know how to use it! A koboloi is a traditional Greek way to pass the time, fidget, and count your "worries." It is most commonly used by older Greek men, but pretty much anyone can...
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    Is Kefalonia expensive in comparison to other Greek islands?

    Do you have any specific hotel recommendations?
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    Has anyone studied at the Hellenic College?

    I haven't either, but their chapel is absolutely beautiful! I love to visit for Easter services
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    Cultural differences to be aware of while traveling to Greece

    Travelling is always tricky when you're unaware of the small cultural differences of each new place that you're visiting. I think it's pretty important to take note so that you don't offend others and get yourself in a sticky situations. Here is my advice 1. Definitely don't open your hand and...