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This video shows church services straight from Kefalonia on the saints day of Saint Gerasimus who is the patron saint of Kefalonia. Regions in Greece will have what is called a patron saint, who is said to protect and watch over the island. As you will see in the video, everyone from the surrounding area and villages will gather for this very important celebration and ceremony, it is truly a delight to see!

I made it a goal this year to learn more about the saints. This is wonderful - thanks for sharing!

What to do in Corfu for couples?

My partner and I are planning a romantic getaway to Corfu, Greece, and we're looking for some insider tips on the best experiences for couples. We've heard so much about Corfu's natural beauty and rich history, but we're hoping to tailor our itinerary to include activities that are especially romantic.

We're open to anything, whether it's relaxing on secluded beaches, exploring charming villages, enjoying candlelit dinners with stunning views, or embarking on adventurous excursions together. Ideally, we'd love to find a balance between leisurely, romantic moments and exciting adventures that we can share as a couple.

If you were us, what would you do while on the island?

Information and Advice about Wine Tasing in Kefalonia

I've heard Kefalonia has some fantastic wineries and unique wines, but I would love to get some recommendations from those who have been there or are familiar with the area.

What are some must-visit wineries in Kefalonia? Are there any specific wine tours or tasting experiences you would recommend? Also, what local wines should I make sure to try while I'm there?

Looking forward to your suggestions and any tips you might have for making the most out of a wine-tasting adventure on this stunning island.

Planning to visit Melissani Cave

I am planning to go to Kefalonia and want to visit Melissani Cave. I am personally very excited about it, but someone in my party is afraid of small spaces (small, dark spaces). Their claustrophobia is actually something they've needed therapy for in the past.

To those of you who have been, do you think this individual should try to find something else to do that day?!

I am not crazy about that aspect of visiting caves either, but I don't have a legit fear like she does. I know that I can relax and enjoy the experience once I get used to the feelings of being in a cave.

Best Way to Observe Wildlife on Kefalonia?

I’m planning a trip to the beautiful island of Kefalonia and I’m particularly excited about the prospect of observing the local wildlife. I’ve heard that Kefalonia is home to some incredible species and natural habitats, and I want to make the most of my visit.

Could anyone provide advice on the best places to go for wildlife observation on the island? Specifically, I’m interested in:
  • Marine Life: Where are the best spots for seeing dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine creatures?
  • Bird Watching: Are there specific areas or times of year that are best for bird watching? Any species I should keep an eye out for?
  • Hiking and Nature Trails: What are the top trails or parks for encountering wildlife? Any tips on what to bring or how to prepare?
  • Unique Species: Are there any unique or rare species in Kefalonia that I should try to see? Where might I find them?
  • Guided Tours: Would you recommend any guided tours or local experts who can enhance the wildlife observation experience?
I’m open to any tips, recommendations, or personal experiences you can share. I want to ensure I have a respectful and enjoyable experience while appreciating the natural beauty of Kefalonia.

What foods is Kefalonia most known for?

I am visiting Kefalonia and I want to taste some memorable foods! What are the specialties here? I'm super excited to experience its local cuisine! I've heard that the island has some unique and delicious foods, but I’m not quite sure what specific dishes or ingredients to look out for.

Can anyone share what foods Kefalonia is most known for? Whether it's a must-try dish, a local ingredient, or a beloved dessert, I'd love to hear your recommendations. Also, if you have any tips on where to find the best local eats, please share!
Share and discuss your Kefalonia photos, questions and experiences!

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