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Ok Team, this needs everyone's input to assist Greeka team,a nice hardworking website....We ought to begin our own photography competition as well ☺️....The photographs must be taken by the individual and not photo shopped....I would like the marketing team here to launch this and offer some innovative rewards.... Example..
I can donate towards an excursion in Mykonos... What does everyone think about this?


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This is a cool idea for WWG to get into! The photo by Elin of the greek man sitting on the stairs on the website you shared is amazing!
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This is a cool idea for WWG to get into! The photo by Elin of the greek man sitting on the stairs on the website you shared is amazing!
Thanks!....and many of Mykonos as well, this is a way forward here for all to post many images, share feelings, travel experiences and contribute factual information for the future and a library of memories which will bring back more memories!♥️♥️....as the song goes!
Kalley Mera.

Greece Updates Travel Rules.

Are you wondering how Greeces economy is doing?

I have been asking this question for quite some time, how is Greece's economy doing after the pandemic? And now that there is probably going to be another lockdown? Because Greece is a country that heavily relies on tourism, they really struggled during the summers and many small businesses closed. Although, things don't seem to be as bad as many of us think. There are many articles like this one that are showing some signs of hope.

Greece just introduced an outdoor mask mandate!

As a result of the increase in cases of omicron, the Greek government just introduced an outdoor mask mandate meaning that everyone must wear a mask both indoors and outdoors regardless of where they are. This will change things up, but it will protect the public as more and more people are getting sick. It's not the biggest deal ever though because it is wintertime and it will be much easier to wear a mask versus the hot sweaty summer. Stay safe everyone!

Make sure to book your covid tests early for traveling to Greece!

As rules are changing for every country (including Greece) I suggest that everyone book their COVID tests early because everyone is scrambling last minute to book theirs, especially during the holidays. Greece now requires a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival to Greece. This new rule has recently come into effect for many countries as well, as before only unvaccinated people needed to take a covid test. I hope everyone to stay safe and wish everyone happy holidays!

Greece has now decreased quarantine to 5 days

Just like the United States, Greece has decreased quarantine from 10 days to 5 as a result of increased knowledge about the virus. The quarantine is 5 days as long as you are asymptomatic. If you have symptoms, you should quarantine until you feel better and then wait 5 days. This means that people will spend a lot less time tied up in quarantine and it also means that they are not contagious for a long period of time as we previously thought!
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