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I was browsing for flights to Greece, as I always do, and they're super cheap right before Christmas! I'm thinking of traveling Dec 6-20 because everyone at my company takes their vacation from Dec 23-Jan 2 so there's basically no work to do anyways!! Is anyone thinking of hopping on these deals?

Is it more difficult to island hop in Greece because of covid?

What has been everyones experience? Should I stick to one island instead of jumping around?

Greece was voted the second best tourist destination in Europe!

This just came out! But I say, why second? In my eyes Greece is for sure the best destination across Europe. It has everything you could ask for: good food, history, beaches and culture! That's why I love it so much :) Zito Hellas!

Does anyone have advice for shipwreck beach?

This is what shipwreck beach looks like for anyone wondering. I want to go so bad!!! Ive been admiring pictures for a long time now :) Does anyone have advice for how to get to the beach etc.?


Is anyone visiting Greece for the holidays?

I would love to hear about everyones Christmas and New Years plans for those who are visiting Greece during the holidays!! It is such a magical time and I really hope to be able to visit this year. Just look how beautiful Athens is


What is your traveller style?

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