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Toumba Stadium is where the PAOK Football Club plays all of its games! Soccer games in Greece are very exciting and full of energy. I would argue that they're probably some of the most passionate soccer fans in the entire world. Of course, if they're playing a rival team I recommend exercising caution. Sometimes the fans can get pretty rowdy and fights can break out. It's definitely a great place to go if you're in the city! :)
I have heard such great things about Toumba and the football club here. Seeing a game here is on my list for the next time I am in Greece! Being rowdy and fighting - that's football culture worldwide - so I am sure it's not too bad.
I agree, this is a great thing to do. The rowdiness and fighting aren't bad, it's just typical football culture. I have never felt unsafe here.
I agree, this is a great thing to do. The rowdiness and fighting aren't bad, it's just typical football culture. I have never felt unsafe here.
I love football culture! It's a thing to experience - and there is some rowdiness but there are a lot of families that go so I have never felt unsafe at a game.

Walking tours in Thessaloniki?

I'm currently planning a trip to Thessaloniki and I'm eager to explore this city's rich history and vibrant culture on foot. From what I've gathered, walking tours seem like an excellent way to immerse oneself in the local atmosphere and learn about the city's historical significance, its architecture, and of course, its culinary delights.

I'm reaching out to this community to gather recommendations on walking tours in Thessaloniki. I'm particularly interested in tours that offer a deep dive into the city's history, but I would also love to explore its culinary scene and maybe even some hidden gems that are not typically covered in conventional guidebooks.

Do you guys have recommendations? There are a lot of options. I don't know where to start.


Byzantine heritage of Thessaloniki?

I've recently developed a keen interest in Byzantine history and its remarkable cultural heritage. Having read that Thessaloniki has a rich tapestry of Byzantine monuments and sites, I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community for some insight.

I'd love to hear anyone's experiences in visiting Thessaloniki with a focus on its Byzantine past. Could you share recommendations on must-see sites? Particularly, I'm interested in the architecture related to Byzantium and if there's a museum about it I can visit.

Thanks in advance!

Food Specialties of Thessaloniki?

I am looking into regional cuisines in Greece and I am actually going to Thessaloniki at some point this year to visit some people. What are some unique dishes, and maybe concepts, that may the culinary food scene here unique?

From my initial research, I understand that Thessaloniki is known for its vibrant markets, exceptional seafood, and sweet treats. However, I'm eager to dig deeper and explore the authentic local specialties that this city has to offer. I believe that the best way to experience a new culture is.

What are some dishes I should look out for? Or maybe some ingredients, too?

Best Photo Opportunities in Thessaloniki?

I am going to visit Thessaloniki soon, and I thought I would make a list of great places to take pics in the city. Here's what I have so far:

The White Tower (Lefkos Pyrgos): Iconic and unmistakable, the White Tower offers panoramic views. It's a great backdrop for a photo.
Ano Poli (Upper Town): This part of the city feels like stepping back in time. With its traditional houses, Byzantine walls, and cobblestone streets, Ano Poli is the place to capture the soul of Thessaloniki.
The Waterfront Promenade: Stretching over 5 kilometers, the promenade is teeming with life and offers diverse photographic opportunities. There's so much here!
Aristotelous Square: The architectural marvels surrounding this spacious square provide a beautiful urban backdrop. The blend of neo-classical buildings with modern life creates a lively setting for street photography.
Rotunda and Galerius Arch (Kamara): Ancient Roman ruins right in the heart of the city offer a unique contrast between old and new. Capture the intricate details of these historic sites, or focus on their interaction with the daily life of locals and tourists alike.
Modiano and Kapani Markets: For those interested in capturing the vibrancy of local life, the bustling markets of Modiano and Kapani are perfect. The array of colors, textures, and candid human moments make every shot dynamic.
Thessaloniki’s Museums and Art Galleries: While the exteriors of these buildings are architecturally beautiful, the real treasures can be found inside. They are perfect for those who love capturing the beauty of art through their lenses.

Can you guys think of anything else?

Thessaloniki Coffee Culture Question

I have heard that there is a unique coffee culture in Thessaloniki. Is this true?

As a coffee enthusiast, I'm really excited to explore this aspect of the city. Could anyone share recommendations for must-visit cafes in Thessaloniki? I'm interested in places that offer a unique ambiance, excellent coffee, and perhaps some local pastries or snacks.

Additionally, I'd love to learn more about traditional Greek coffee and how it's different from what I'm used to. Are there any specific local coffee specialties I should try?

Also, any tips on the best times to visit these cafes or specific neighborhoods known for their coffee spots would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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