1. greek_ggirl

    Greece wins 2004 Euro Cup! One of the most important moments in Greece sports history

    What an amazing story!! Was this in the early 2000's??? Meaning, was it this team???
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    Did you know that you can go spring skiing in Crete?

    Can't wait to see it revamped! Ive been waiting for a very long time :)
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    The statues of Cleopatra and her husband Dioscurides!

    Stunning! I've never seen red poppies in Greece
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    Off to Greece! ✈️

    Safe travels!
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    Greece has just raised the minimum wage

    For the second time this year, Greece raised the minimum wage. Many don't even know that there is minimum wage in Greece, but there is! it is a little bit easier to bypass it because there is more corruption and less regulation in Greece than in other countries but nonetheless it's really great...
  6. greek_ggirl

    How do you preserve your family recipes?

    One of the most cherished things in my household is my mom's binder of old recipes preserved in clear plastic film. My mom has kept all of our family recipes in the original form which is old paper that is yellowing and in my grandmas handwriting. Because I am paranoid, I have taken pictures of...
  7. greek_ggirl

    How to make roasted branzino

    Branzino is one of my favourite dishes ever! I like to go to the fish market and get the freshest fish possible and ask the fish mongers which fish has been caught most recently. If you don't have access to fresh fish, I recommend getting fish that is frozen fresh or getting wild caught fish...
  8. greek_ggirl

    Relaxing Greek music instrumental

    This is one of the best Greek music instrumentals that I like to listen to when Im reading and working at home! Geia mas to all of the world wide Greeks community who like to have kefi and play some great tunes. Please post some great instrumentals in the comments, I love a good bouzouki solo...
  9. greek_ggirl

    Corfu is one of the best places for a honeymoon getaway

    Corfu is a great spot for a honeymoon for those looking to stay in a single destination or for those who want to island hop! You can go to Lefkada and Kefalonia since they are pretty close, I suggest going by boat although you can also choose to fly if you prefer. If you want to go somewhere...
  10. greek_ggirl

    A traditional Greek Christmas glendi (party)

    This is the exact video I was watching last year in the middle of the pandemic, savoring time dancing with old friends. This is one of the most popular Greek tv shows that showcases Greek culture in the best way. In the video, you will see some of the most popular Greek songs with Greek dances...
  11. greek_ggirl

    These are the top Greek Christmas desserts!

    If you're looking to get into the holiday spirit, these are the some of the desserts that you need to have on your table whenever you have family or friends over! These desserts are super traditional, but you can always add a modern twist to them. I like to make a chocolate version of the...
  12. greek_ggirl

    Name-day celebrations

    I miss this tradition so dearly. I want to bring it back amongst my friends and family, at least those who live close by so we can share what's going on in our lives. It feels like we've grown apart, and some of us have gotten lost. But one thing that Covid has taught me is that it's really...
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    Any updates on the omicron variant in Greece?

    I don't believe it has spread just yet, but it is coming for sure
  14. greek_ggirl

    Insight into a traditional village in Mykonos

    Must have been pretty cold to sail like that in the winter!