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This cave is just so stunning, I have visit ASAP!


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Melissani cave is a truly amazing place to see while visiting the Greek island of Kefalonia!

Here are a few sources to read about the Melissani cave:



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I agree, this is one of my favorite places in Kefalonia! I visited it last time I was on the island and plan to visit again next time!
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I agree, this is one of my favorite places in Kefalonia! I visited it last time I was on the island and plan to visit again next time!
Did you take a guided tour? I’m not sure if I should or not


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Did you take a guided tour? I’m not sure if I should or not
I did when I went, it was worth it. I am not sure I would take that approach again, though. If I could find a way to get in there on my own schedule, I think I'd prefer that. The tour was worth it at the time.


I have heard great things about this. I am a touch claustrophobic, though. I think that I would be okay in the cave, but I'd feel as if I need a guide who knows the cave and the area in order to not freak out a bit while inside it! Those of you who have been, do you think I would have a problem? I know that is an open-ended question ... my claustrophobia is mild - if I don't give into it I can usually squash it and still have a good time. I think a guide will help.

Have you tried Mandola? Its Kefalonias most famous sweet

Mandola is a very popular sweet in Kefalonia and it is one of the biggest exports from the island. This treat is made of almond, honey, sugar and egg whites. The dessert has a few different variations, but is usually gluten free! The ingredients are very simple which is why they are so allergen friendly. I was doing some research and apparently these cookies are originally from the Venetian occupation in Kefalonia.

Check out this beautiful traditional Greek music and dance in Kefalonia

This is some of the most beautiful Greek traditional music and dance that I have seen. If anyone knows the name of the actual song and the type of dance, please let me know. I hope that one day I'll be able to visit the island and join in on one of the celebrations. I'm not even sure what they're celebrating, but it looks great. If anyone has more information on the video, I would love to know.

Weather in October in kefelonia

Hi there would like to visit during the uk half term from 21st October but could you tell me what the weather is usually like and if the bars and restaurants are still open at this time of year. Thank you

The island of Kefalonia just published brand new tourism videos!

These official videos have just come out and they're stunning. There's a few different ones, this one focuses on food and gastronomy but there are others such as Destinations, Nature etc. The quality of these videos is so amazing and I am sure that it is going to attract very many tourists. I am even considering visiting the island myself even though I never had it on my list. I am so excited to see what else they come out with!

Have you ever been to the Castle of Assos in Kefalonia?

The Castle of Assos is an old Venetian fortress that has been left over from the Italian occupation of the island. Today, it is a beautiful pile of ruins that tourists can visit and learn about the history of Greece. You can hire a guy to take you around the different parts and explain the history, but I don't really recommend them as most of the information is available online if you're willing to do your own research. Please let me know if you've ever been! I would love to learn about what you thought of the castle.
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