1. GreekGirlCooks

    What are your favorite flavors of Greek ice cream?

    Agreed, I see lemon only sometimes, and when I do it's a real treat! By far the most common flavors I see are vanilla and chocolate. I recall there was a lot of gelato in Greece, too, similar flavors as in Italy.
  2. GreekGirlCooks

    What are your favorite flavors of Greek ice cream?

    I like the citrus based ice creams, like lemon is a personal favorite. Sooo good!
  3. GreekGirlCooks

    Did you know that fresh mint can help cure nausea?

    All the herbs in our kitchen have medicinal qualities! It's kind of fascinating. Thanks for sharing!
  4. GreekGirlCooks

    Is it traditional to put dill in tzatziki?

    I don't really like dill so I never make my tzatziki with it. I know a lot of Greeks in the US who love dill and they put it in everything!
  5. GreekGirlCooks

    Flaounes are a traditional Cypriot Easter snack

    Oh wow, these are filled with cheese? I think I will love these! I'd like to try them once before I make them, though. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  6. GreekGirlCooks

    Here is a little trick for marinating your lamb this easter

    This is such a great idea. My mother said that her family used to do that, but we somehow lost the tradition. We all love garlic, too.
  7. GreekGirlCooks

    You can keep leftover tsoureki in the freezer to make french toast later

    Tsoureki French Toast is one of my favorite post-Easter foods to eat! It tastes especially good as a French toast bake, but for that, you really need to be feeding a crowd. One egg, a spash of milk, some sugar and cinnamon, and that is enough to make a single slice or two....
  8. GreekGirlCooks

    How to make healthier Greek gyros!

    A friend f mine makes her own gyro meat, which cuts down on the salt and some of the fat while still retaining the same general flavor. I also try to put more of the veggies in there than normal!
  9. GreekGirlCooks

    These are some of the best Greek comfort foods

    I totally agree! I tend to want it most when I am not feeling well.
  10. GreekGirlCooks

    What is this Greek pastry called?

    Looks like bougatsa to me! One of my favorites
  11. GreekGirlCooks

    These are some of the best Greek comfort foods

    I totally agree, Greece does have some of the best comfort foods! Makaronia me kima is one of my personal favorites. I also love Avgolemono soupa, and spaghetti made with a sauce made of Greek yogurt, cheese, garlic...
  12. GreekGirlCooks

    Recipe for Cretan gamopilafo (wedding rice pilaf)

    Thank you for sharing these recipes. I have never had this and am really intrigued. Just when I think I know a lot about Greek cooking, I find out about another dish that I don't know! Looks delicious.
  13. GreekGirlCooks

    I made pastitsio for a Greek party last weekend!

    This looks fantastic! For me, pastitso is all about he Krema - it is tricky to get it right. It looks like you have gotten it right!!! When my yiayia passed away, "the touch" that she had with the Krema passed with her. I feel like we are finally close to replicating.
  14. GreekGirlCooks

    Simple and healthy Greek roasted veggies

    Yes they do! I saw chives growing in pots on balconies. It kind of looks like regular lawn grass, but it has a slight oniony flavor. Chives are best used as a garnish.
  15. GreekGirlCooks

    Simple and healthy Greek roasted veggies

    I agree, and I sometimes use chives instead if I have those. But, I like the taste of scallions in this much better.