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    Three Greek Municipalities Nominated for UNWTO ‘Best Tourism Villages’ Award

    I have never been to any of these places, will be adding them to my list for sure
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    German Travel Agents Tour Crete and Depart with the Best of Impressions

    I hope this keeps happening with more EU countries! We need the most tourists we can get, especially after covid
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    Athens 1890!

    Beautiful Athina Mou 😍😍😍
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    Papadopoulos: Greece's Famous Biscuits, Loved By People Worldwide .

    When I was little I used to pretend to smoke with the long biscuits and think I was so cool 😂😂😂 (smoking is not cool, kids!)
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    How did Zeus become the well known king of Greek mythology?

    Very interesting theory, I like to think that that's what the Ancient Greeks believed :)
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    How did Hercules die according to Greek mythology?

    I don't remember from my limited Greek mythology knowledge, can someone help me out?
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    Are there any Greek fall time desserts?

    I know that fall is an obsession the US with pumpkin spice and everything but I want to celebrate the Greek way! Are there any Greek fall recipes, many some things like apple pie?
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    Do I have to pay to visit monasteries in Thessaloniki?

    I was thinking to visit Panagia Ikosifinissa, Vlatadon and Agia Theodora. Do I have to pay to enter? If so, about how much is it per monastery?
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    Covid update: Greece launches mandatory testing for unvaccinated workers

    Seems things are going back to being a little more strict https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/greece-launches-mandatory-testing-for-unvaccinated-workers-1.5583174
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    Beautiful Greek/English pop song: Fotia by Evangelia

    I just discovered this song even though it was released 1 year ago, its so beautiful
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    Best Greek summer pop playlist!

    Summer isn't over (for some)! Im still playing these tunes far into October while I hit the beach on the weekends 😎
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    Visit Monolithos Castle in Rhodes!

    that's sad to hear....do you still recommend visiting?
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    Is there anywhere to store my luggage near the Athens airport?

    So detailed! Thank you for this
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    When are the busiest times at the ferry port in Santorini?

    When is the busiest time at Fira? I would love to arrive with the ferry at a time when its less busy
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    How to make ekmek kataifi :)

    This is one of my favorite recipes :) Do any of you know good variations or alternative recipes?
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    How long do you recommend to spend in Thessaloniki?

    Is a weekend enough? Or should I be spending more time? I don't want to do anything fancy, just the classic sightseeing and eating out. Any advice?
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    There was a recent earthquake in Kefalonia

    Just so that any travelers are aware, there was an earthquake in Kefalonia last week so there might be a few aftershocks. Greece is known for earthquakes, so this is nothing new and many of the buildings are built to withstand earthquakes
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    How much are simple and beautiful beach houses in Greece?

    These beach houses are so simple and can fit so many people. I would love to live in a place like this one day, does anyone know how much something like this would cost? I don't need anything too fancy, just somewhere to spend my summers :)
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    What are the best gyms in Greece?

    Are there any good and popular gym chains that you've tried out??? Any advice would be super helpful, I'm just looking to do general exercise while I'm visiting my family near Athens...I live in Paros and I've never tried out any gyms before.