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    Do you recommend makris tichos beach in Rhodes?

    https://www.greeka.com/dodecanese/rhodes/beaches/makris-tichos/ does this help at all? Im not sure it was recommended to me by a friend who went to Rhodes a long time ago
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    Do you recommend makris tichos beach in Rhodes?

    Is this beach nice? Does anyone have any pictures they could post? Im not very trusting of pictures I see online posted by travel agencies
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    Who are your favorite Greek philosophers?

    I saw @amygdalE discussing Greek philosophy so I thought it would be good to get the whole forum involved! Who do you all suggest I read? Ive never read philosophy before
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    What is your favorite moment in Greek history?

    A philosophy fan I see, which Greek philosophers do you recommend reading?
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    The Eleusinian Mysteries

    Yeah this works, thanks! Not sure what the problem was before
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    Is "12 Nissia" in Rhodes a good gastronomic restaurant?

    I've heard a lot about this restaurant, has anyone ever been? Is it any good? https://www.rodos-palace.gr/12-nissia-fine-dining/
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    What is a typical price of a subbed in Santorini?

    Thats why I tend to avoid it altogether
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    Does transit through the Santorini airport take forever?

    Yes, make sure you have the right documents. Athens airport was pretty packed because few people didn't have documents and there was a hold up in checking to see if the everything was in order. I haven't been to Santorini this year though so I can't tell you for sure
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    The Eleusinian Mysteries

    I copy pasted the link into my browser and it works just fine but I'm not able to click it directly on WWG
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    Archeological discovery reveals Greek Culture in Pompeii

    Thanks for the additional context
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    Crete is under a mini lockdown!

    https://greekcitytimes.com/2021/08/10/local-lockdown-covid-19-heraklion/ Here is more info as well
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    How to island hop using ferries!

    This video shows ferry hopping from Paros and Naxos
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    Xan square is a great place to visit in Thessaloniki!

    This square was originally named after the Christian Brotherhood of the Youth of Thessaloniki, also known as XAN for short. You can visit the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Tower of OTE and International Trade Fair!! I highly suggest you check it out
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    Why are taxis to and from the Athens airport so expensive? Any way to avoid this?

    Very true, the euro plays a big role in why some things are higher priced in Greece than one would expect
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    La Grotta beach has a beautiful rocky cliffside

    Yess, this beach is first on my list when I visit :)
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    Here is a COVID update for visitors traveling to Kefalonia

    Here is an update if anyone is interested :) https://www.kefaloniabyanna.com/covid-19-update-for-upcoming-visitors-in-kefalonia/
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    La Grotta beach has a beautiful rocky cliffside

    Sand is overrated!! This seems way more fun to me than a sandy beach. It's natures diving board LOL
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    Greece border predictions for the fall...will Greece close?

    That's what my Greek friends are predicting too. Most countries are remaining open only if a majority of the population are vaccinated, but from what I know there is a big movement to stop mandatory vaccines in Greece so it might take a while for things to stay open year round